Brutal girl fight breaks out at prestigious NYC high school

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A troubled school back in the headlines after a disturbing video of girls fighting in the halls gets posted on YouTube.

Once considered prestigious, Murry Bergtraum School for Business Careers has been the site of several brawls and incidents in the past few years.

Our Mike Gilliam has more in his report.



  • Walter Vargas

    My son went to that school six years ago and it was the same it's between rival gang members or other kids that gangs get to do their dirty work so that they don't get discovered my son explained I thought it was a good school since it was once before when I was growing up but I was wrong I'm glad I got him out and away from all this ridiculous behavior from these kids now my son is finished with college and became an electrical engineer

  • Jim C

    The school has gone to shit. I was there 30 years ago and it was never like that. I still live in the neighborhood and now there are police outside the school when it is let out.

  • Mee

    Look what goes there….and the ACLU will be the first to question why these savages get arrested more than any other nationality.

    • Nacho

      @Mee your gross for referring to those students as "savages" ALL KIDS fight! Unfortunately some are just more publlized than others. The conversation should be how do we assist them to see there are more options to resolve conflict, the physical should never be entertained.

  • Student

    I currently attend this school & was present during all 3 fights. You guys are only only seeing a percentage of the school, not the entire school. Majority of these fights come from sophomores & freshmen, as I am a senior. The school is horrible besides the students. Bergtraum isn't given enough money to even have real guidance counselors, meaning the state does not care about Bergtraum until we end up on the news. As for the racial thing, the "savages" who were fighting were hispanic , polish & irish.

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