The pressure cooker bombers

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  • Gerikt

    I can’t find the message you delivered on pix ny tonight, April 21st, but I have to affirm what you said. Unfortunately, America is descending into chaos. We have not only been far too arrogant of our 20th century superiority, but Americans have been completely naive of the corruption of our elected officials. A combination of social and economic issues now plague our youth, from vanity to loans. They’re more concerned with Hollywood and shopping than with REAL issues. The United States shows all the signs of a decaying empire. Like the Babylonians and Ottomans before us, we’re legalizing gay marriage. Like the Romans, we’re using mercenaries such as Blackwater. Our government has become over centralized and made the CIA its king and Americans have sat back while it happened. Unless there is a third party candidate elected in 2016, it’s an inevitability that people will wake from this horrible job our elected officials have been doing and rebel.

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