Fact vs. fiction in the latest gun control claims by NRA, politicians

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It might still be hard to see the facts through all the smoke after gun control advocates and the gun lobby fired back and forth at each other leading up to and following yesterday’s Senate vote.

But President Obama did not mince words when calling out the NRA and other gun supporters, saying they misled the public and used basic scare tactics to push an agenda.

“Instead of supporting this compromise, the gun lobby and it’s allies willfully lied about the bill.”

So just what did the NRA say about the proposed gun legislation and how accurate was the information?

We took a look at some of the propaganda and asked Hunter College Political Scientist Jamie Chandler to help decide whether the claims are fact or fiction.

First up a flyer from the NRA to members, this one in Virgina.


In it the NRA claims the bill “would criminalize the private transfer of firearms between law abiding citizens”

So we asked Chandler Fact or Fiction:

The pamphlet also says the bill would “make it illegal for a family member to transfer a firearm to another family member without the federal government’s approval”.

Chandler says this claim is also false… and worse he says it’s designed to pray on an emtional connection for gun lovers.

Then there’s this commercial from the NRA’s website:

“President Obama and Mayor Bloomberg are pushing gun control, but America’s police say they’re wrong. 71% of police say Obama’s gun ban will have zero effect on violent crimes.”

9 law enforcement organizations already banned together to speak out again this ad.

But Chandler says it’s a perfect example of how statistics can be skewed to manipulate the public.

Since the vote many of the politicians who support the gun control amendments have said the law will eventually reflect the desire of the public, referencing a survey that showed 90-percent of the nation supports background checks for gun sales.

But think about this: In the Senate, California, which represents almost 40-million people and supported the amendment, has the same weight as a state like Wyoming, which has a little more than half a million people and voted against the amendment.




  • BlueStateMark

    I've been steadily watching PIX more than Fox over the last 6 months…

    Then you, Joe do what is absolutely one of the worst, biased, lazy, one-sided "news report" "fact" checks I have seen during this gun debate. There's plenty of information out there to prepare a balanced report. Your liberal emotional gun grabber bias shows through. Shame on you for using your media platform to misinform and slant the discussion. There are 50 reasons why this bill went down…You addressed none of them. I am honestly disappointed that this was featured in the news section of Pix News tonight and not the opinion section with Larry and Lionel.

    Pandering to urban NYC viewers? Be careful or your fast growth will slow. Tonight was a real turn-off.

  • BlueStateMark

    Here' s a link that's long, thoughtful and thorough…Read it (along with many others out there) if you are truly interested in becoming more knowledgable about this issue and not just being a drive by reporter. Very few facts support the gun control view which is why emotion is used so heavily to try to jam laws through. Is drafting and passing a law based on emotion ever good? No.

    Are you also aware that the Senate was established with with fewer members serving 6 year terms to be a moderating influence on the House and one of the checks and balances in our government? You seem young so maybe they don't teach why Wyoming has as many senators as California anymore. BTW this vote was an example of the Senate acting as a moderating influence on the passions of the Executive Branch and to a lesser extent the House. That should tell you something about the extremism of even this "watered down" gun control act.

  • BlueStateMark

    Last point…

    "Gun Control Advocates" (Implies grass roots) versus the Gun Lobby" (implies sinister special interest group)? This was the first clue of the slant of your report. The NRA has 5 million members and represents issues important to 10s of millions of gun owners…and they vote and that is why Senators listen to the NRA. Bloomberg spent more money than the NRA and represents elite urban liberals and soft republicans. Which advocacy group is truly grass roots and national? Surely you can tell.

    The 90% stat is BS. Everyone (Even I ) want appropriate gun controls but laws are written in detail. Whenever specific background check examples and detailed implications are polled that 90% # melts to a minority %. You should also consider the implications of passing laws based on a poll #. Last time I checked 75-80% of people loathed the media. Maybe we should do something about that and pass an anti-media law. After all if we screw around with the second amendment why not mess with freedom of the press and the 1st amendment too?

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