‘Shame on you!’ Anger, disappointment after gun control plan stopped by Senate

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‘Shame on you!” two women yelled in the Senate as the background-check proposal was scuttled on Wednesday, prompting Vice President Joe Biden to ask for order.

But that was only the beginning of what has been a day of outrage following the vote.  The Senate blocked the proposal to expand background checks on gun sales and the reaction was swift.  President Obama said it was a shameful day for Washington.

“Instead of supporting this compromise. The gun lobby and its allies willfully lied about the bill,” said President Obama.

With the final tally at 54-46, the plan failed to get the 60 votes it need to pass. The proposal would have expanded background checks to sales at gun shows and on the internet. It was even a bi-partisan proposal.

Shame on you!

Vice President Joe Biden tries to restore order in the Senate after the women yelled “shame on you!”

“Time and time again, on issue after issue, I’m sorry to say, we’ve seen Republicans put their short-term political goals and interests ahead of the interests of mainstream America,” said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the co-chair of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, said “Today’s vote is a damning indictment of the stranglehold that special interests have on Washington. More than 40 U.S. senators would rather turn their backs on the 90 percent of Americans who support comprehensive background checks than buck the increasingly extremist wing of the gun lobby.”

It was a victory for the gun lobby. In a statement from the National Rifle Association, the Executive Director Chris W. Cox said, “As we have noted previously, expanding background checks, at gun shows or elsewhere, will not reduce violent crime or keep our kids safe in their schools.”

Newtown parent Mark Barden, who lost his 7-year-old son Daniel in the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, said the fight is not over. “We’ll return home now disappointed but not defeated. We return home with determination change will happen maybe not today but it will happen,” said Barden.


  • confused

    I can promise you that 90% of the Americans in Texas do not support this vote. The gun did not kill those beautiful children in Newtown. A man did. A man!!!! If we vote out the guns … then we should not allow pressure cookers either. My point here is … if there is a will there is a way. Taking rights to bear arms away will not solve this problem.

    • Catherine

      The gun DID kill those beautiful children, as well as a MAN killed them.He was a mentally ill person and that is why those idiots in Washington should have voted YES to an intensive background search for anyone who wants to buy a gun. I wonder how they would feel had it been their child or member of their families that was murdered in cold blood. I wish I had faith in our gov. and could be proud of them. I'm not. They really disappoint so much.

      • Steve

        The flaw in your plan is the kid that used the guns did not own them and therefore never would have gone through a back ground check. In order for what is being proposed to work they would have had to check family members before allowing you to by a firearm. The bill failed because it was a about politics and advancing an agenda and not about solving the problem.

      • akgirl907

        Yeah? His mom did pass the background check to own the guns he used. He got access to her guns so extensive background checks did jack sh*t to stop him. He'd made up his mind to kill people and he would have found a way to carry out his plan.

    • KAREN


    • Cheryl A. Dabney

      I really am getting sick and tired of NRA and it followers and enthusiasts telling us that "Guns don't kill people. People do" or whatever they chant like mantra. Guns kill people but people buy, sell, steal, and kill with GUNS!! Guns do not aim themselves and shoot people! That is the lamest excuse for not doing something to reign in a situation that has gotten totally out of hand. I blame the media, video games, NRA, gangs, drugs and most of all under pinioning all of this GREED! I hope everyone takes note and vote out these gunslingers–this is not the 19th or 20th century we need some responsible, intelligent, compassionate, caring people to be elected to the Senate and the House and we need term limits. I believe 2 terms is enough!
      What about you?

      • Lael19533

        I DO believe in the fact that there should be a limit to how long someone can hold office.I am NOT in the belief that 2nd amendment rights should be taken over by the government.We HAVE these rights-men and women have given up their lives,defending OUR 'rights"I blame people like you,Cheryl,blaming everyone but the person who should take the blame:THE KILLERS.

      • one admtwelve

        I think you need to ask ..who is this 90%..its a number that was fabricated by the media and your Vice prez Biden…I have been around guns all my life…I am not the problem…people will do harm to one another…ask obama why he hasn't stopped the war in Afghanistan..And Ask you what do you suggest.? we have laws on the books.. new laws on top of old laws..laws on top of those laws.. that where not enforced..What happens in Iran when you cross there borders..you get detained and jailed if not worse…here in the united states illegally you get a unemployment check and a drivers license..sooo please help us understand..

      • yo daddy

        it seems to me that you are one very paranoid woman.a gun is a tool used like any other tool.I believe in protecting myself and family even if it means shooting somebody. the NRA was created on the second day. A CHRISTIAN. P.S.gangs and drugs will always be here.sorry to say.

    • Guest

      You idiot gun nuts don't seem to be able to comprehend that this bill would not take away their right to bear arms. Its just a measure to expand background checks to gun shows and other transfer points for these weapons. Its amazing that there is so much opposition to a common sense approach, it just shows that the gun nut mentality is primitive and medeval.

      • Bozo

        And so is chopping off somebody's arm that steals…that's kinda medieval…and by golly if that kind of punishment was around today I'd say there would be a likely drop in crime!!!

    • louie

      you are right .new gun laws will not stop the violence. its a lot better to get the mentally sick out of the picture.

  • appauled

    Bloomberg stated, "More than 40 U.S. senators would rather turn their backs on the 90 percent of Americans who support comprehensive background checks than buck the increasingly extremist wing of the gun lobby.”

    I'm more concerned that more than 50 U.S. senators would rather turn their back on the constitution.

    • Dave

      the constitution is a piece of paper. get over it. requiring more extensive background checks won't harm you unless you are mentally unstable, which at that point, are you really going to say that mentally ill people have the right to a gun as much as a mentall stable person does?

      • KoreyAusTex

        There is already background checks in place for this kind of thing, but the feds including the ATF choose not to investigate and it was documented. Why put up more laws when they are NOT enforcing the ones on the books.

      • lael19533

        DAMN right!Got find another country where you ARE free to express yourself…oh wait…other countries shoot you for doing that-never mind,leave anyway.

      • jim

        well dave that piece of paper is what makes this country free if you don't like the law of the land move to England or Australia besides which after a career in law enforcement one thing I know is that a criminal doesn't buy his gun legally most of the time and as far as the mentally ill maybe you should get a check up because you don't seem to be thinking straight

  • Susan

    It will change when the government starts putting retired police and military in our schools to protect our children. How many more school shooting have to happen before this administration realizes that it's not the gun, it's the person holding the gun being allowed to walk into a defenseless school full of children.

  • Aaron

    “Instead of supporting this compromise. The gun lobby and its allies willfully lied about the bill,” said President Obama.

    Yeah, and he didn't lie about the 90% thing. Trust me, it's WAY off. I live in Colorado, and the media would like you to believe that most of us support the ban. That's complete BS. We, the people of this state, do NOT want the ban. But because our retarded governor believes every stupid pole he sees, provided to him by democrats, he decided to pass the law.

  • Scott

    I can't believe the stupidity of our government! You think that getting rid of guns is going to make us safer. The sole reason why America doesn't EVER get invaded is even "IF" another country could get passed our military, they would have to face a second army even bigger than the first…"THE PEOPLE". Blaming guns for the Newtown incident is like saying "Pencils misspell words, cars drive drunk, and spoons make people fat". Just sayin….

    • louie

      taking away our guns is not going to bring back the dead. and as long as people are here on this earth, the violence will always exist. People die every day ………..LIVE WITH IT. and you are right the government can get pretty crazy!

  • anna

    boo f k n hoo..OB is a wanna-be despot. He can't achieve it right now and he is just rattling his chains. i have NO RESPECT for our so-called "leader". I'm embarassed that he is our w h a t ???

  • giveembazookas

    Guns make killing less personal and kill in greater numbers at a faster rate. Yes, there will always be crazy's out there, and they will always find away (so lets use this as a justification). You don't think it is right to allow people access to Nukes? So, why would you allow them to have these weapons without comprehensive background checks? You try to explain this to the parents of the victims of these shootings. I'm sure that if this happened to you, it would be different. Shame on you is right!

    • lael19533

      all law abiding citizens DO have a background check,when purchased through gun dealers.It the CRIMINALS who don't.

    • chuck

      400,000 people die every year from tobacco related illness, yet the government taxes it. tens of thousands die in auto accidents yearly and they tax the gas and the cars yet NO ONE calls for banning those. I have lost family members to cancer and car accidents and even alcohalism but the government cashes in so its okay.

    • yo daddy

      there is a lot of phyco maniacs out there, but taking away our gun rights because somebody got shot will not bring them back ,or change anything.you are right . SHAME ON YOU is right but only to all the paranoid people. if people don't like guns , they should spend their time crocheting . as for me i SUPPORT GUN RIGHTS. WE NEED MORE MORE GUNS.

    • Lt Dan

      My second amendment right to bear arms is more important than the lives lost at Newtown CT. Period. When the number of innocent lives lost to guns exceeds the number of lives that were lost to preserve our freedoms, then we can talk. And I'll probably tell you that I'm going to keep my weapons anyway.

  • bruce clark

    Take for example the kid that shot that baby in the stroller after the mother wouldn't give the kid money..I'll bet anything he got his gun illegally. My point is that background checks aren't going to solve the problem..

  • anna

    the definition of "despot" is as folllows: 1) a title meaning "master", , applied to certain classes of rulers; 2) an absolute ruler; king with with unlimited powers; autocrat 3) anyone in charge who acts like a tyrant; ref: Websters New World College Dictionary.

  • russell

    its the times,so many rules, presribed drugs ,we have to act a certain way,we cant be ourselves.our faith
    our morels,everything is ok, sodom.our kids need morel guidance not more laws.

  • Michael

    I live in Arizona, and have for many years. I respect Ms. Giffords and know she is trying to keep what happened to her from happening to anyone else.

    BUT, she's totally wrong. She's going about it in the WRONG WAY. Making it harder for law-abiding citizens to get guns won't even begin to solve the problem.

    Does she think anyone who "fails" a background check is going to be unarmed for long? CROOKS don't give a tinker's dang what the law says! Get that through your heads, LIBS!

  • kfraser

    I assure you, I can kill with a spoon, fork, a stick, a rope, a rock, string, belt, hands, car, firecracker, pencil, cigarette lighter, block of ice, screwdriver, hammer, chopsticks, plastic bag, paper bag, blanket, etc. none of these require a backround check but what good is a backround check if your not going to CHECK. This law is already in the books. Maybe all the upset parties should complain about enforcing the current law instead of crying over adding new ones. This latest is pure political and once again is being used to divide the people.


    We may have had our voices silenced today….but we will be heard load and clear on Election Day.

    If we can't change the laws….we will change the lawmakers.

    • yo daddy

      you can change the law makers serenity diapers if you want. but even that will not stop gun violence.I support gun rights and will join any organization just to keep guns.

    • yo daddy

      way to go Johnny 2 gunns. you are what makes this nation a greater nation. everybody should live by this example.

  • toros

    You have to love how ignorant people are about the constitution they think that having stricter gun check laws is against it. Unbelievable how short sighted that is. the people wanting tougher gun controls are not wanting to take guns from good citizens but take guns from criminals and nut jobs. There is no reason for a convict to ever own a gun even if they served there time. Its a joke now any felony convicted person can just go to a gun show or online and get a gun. that stupidity needed to stop. But I guess people want to be shot in there homes by felons that COULD have been prevented from obtaining a gun. Oh here comes the stupid comments also I own a gun let him come. Soo many people say that stupid response and guess what statistics state that a lot of those guns people are shot with in there own home by criminals are there own guns taken from them and used against them. When are people in this country going to use there god given intelligence. Go look at other countries with strong gun laws they have less crime and are just as safe as we are. Its a unrealistic excuse for keeping the status quo.

    • yo daddy

      criminals will always have guns. LIVE WITH IT. as long as people have guns but are uneducated on how to use them,there will always be some fool getting shot. THE CONSTITUTION SAYS "BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE" GIVE US GUNS AND MORE GUNS THE MORE THE BETTER.

  • KCwolf

    I cant believe people are so ignorant. They are not taking guns away from people, they are only making it tougher for the idiots to get them. There is no logical reason that can be said for arguing against making someone prove that they can handle a firearm. This is the same logic that some people use to argue against having to show ID to vote.

  • pep4546

    The media lies when it states that 90% of all Americans were for gun control! There is no way that the media can know what percentage of Americans were for gun control unless there was a national vote. Has there been one? NO! So they can't possibly know!! Polls and surveys only include a small amount of people.How does one know if they are telling the truth about the polls and surveys anyway?

  • mildred koehn

    you want a gun law passed you will take all them away unlawful people don,t buy guns legal once foot in the door then the whole body you will be ;like england ,when the comman man can,t get agun who rescue prince charles w hen th epeople riot .my newphew killed his self at 13 with agun do i want to take my rights away wpeople can;t shoot with a mind to do but rights were give for the good of the people therechoice what they do with them when you can shoot ,hunt next coimg fishes ,can;t preach ,

  • Paris

    I don't see any reason why we have more government control of our vehicles than deadly weapons. I want things that are built to kill to be kept track of just as carefully as the cars and drivers on the road. Cars can't be snuck into a school or restaurant, or used to hold up a bank. It's pretty black and white from my perspective.

  • The Fox

    The background checks are stringent enough. I am not a Lib or Consv….. those who are hungry will steal food if they are hungry enough, those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol will sell themselves, steal goods, or whatever it takes to get what they want. The same premise goes for thugs, robbers, rapist, hoods, bad people, creatures of the night, prowlers, window peekers, killers, beaters, shoplifters, the list goes on….. bottom line….. these clowns, yes, clowns do not play by the rules, as a matter of fact, they DO not play by any RULEbook on this planet. So Timmy and Tina are good people who help everyone and love their familes, and country, you take the guns from them and THOSE ASS CLOWNS listed earlier will make sure Timmy and TIna no longer live on your block. Pretty soon their will be no more Timmy and Tina's left to help with charity work, donations, keeping the community safe. Then the ASS Clowns start going everywhere….. Does this make sense?

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