Baggy pants made illegal in Louisiana town

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saggy pants illegal

TERREBONNE PARISH, LA (PIX11) — If you’re a fan of saggy pants,  avoid the town of Terrebonne Parish, LA as the trend there is now illegal.

The Terrebonne Parish council recently voted to outlaw saggy pants, vowing to fine anyone caught with their pants drooping below their waist.

First time offenders will reportedly be fined $50, while a second offense will cost them $100.

Despite advocates’ claim saying that wearing saggy pants was freedom of expression and banning it would be unconstitutional, the council voted eight to one in favor of the ordinance.

We can only assume that baggy pants prince Justin Bieber won’t be making any tour stops in Terrebone Parish anytime soon.


  • Lyn

    If you don't like the laws there stay out of the Parish. They didn't just wake up one morning and say "let's make it illegal to wear your pants saggy". There were enough complaints to warrant it. There are several Parishes in Louisiana that have that law. I personally have witnessed guys walking down the street holding up their pants with underwear and butt crack showing and almost showing pubic hair. Not a pretty picture and not one small children should be exposed to.

  • herb

    There are more important issues to worry about. This one is near the bottom. Not illegal to show you are stupid.

  • james

    There should not only be a ordinance banning sagging, but it should also ban women who walk around half naked or in tights or spandex that is clearly made to be worn under CLOTHES. Our desire to sell sex is ruining us.

  • Shelby

    It's sagging, not baggy pants, who ever wrote this needs to get their terms straight.

    I am a girl and I have BAGGY sweat pants but my butt isn't hanging out of them they are just loose.
    SAGGING is where guys boxers hang out.

    Sheesh, can't anyone get anything right these days?

  • Mr_Blacc

    Each generation has it's hang ups regarding inappropriate public attire.Along those lines each generation prompts a group of hypocrites to take center stage to condemn budding trends in an effort to maintain control. This is no different; although I have to say, assessing criminal charges to a style or trend goes beyond what I would expect from society. This particular case as to do with whites opposing blacks on every ground afforded to them.

    • anonymous

      If you think this is just against blacks you are wrong.I see whites, orientals and hispanics doing it to.So it seems to me it is not a race issue it is a common decency issue.If a city or parish wants to give a fine because they want to beautify their city and you are not complying then I am for this law.

  • donk

    They article says that "baggy" pants were made illegal, but all the pictures show "sagging" pants that aren't baggy at all. Which one is illegal?

  • donk

    What about fat white guys who have no posterior to hold up their pants? Will they be subject to the same ban?

  • GGGGGGuest.

    That's the government for ya! I dislike saggy pants but if the people wanna look tacky and wear them, let them. This is just another way of the GOVERNMENT to control us. Whats next?

  • CRASH603

    They are NOT BAGGY Pants They are SAGGY Pants.If you get the headline Right MORE will read it and agree with it.

  • chris

    Atleast when they get to jail the inmates will have it easy with them seeing their pants are already down around their ankles.

  • Joni

    As a lifelong resident of Terrebonne Parish and a former Sheriff’s office dispatcher all I can say is, IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!!! They have gotten way out of hand with this trend.

  • Free Will Power

    FIRST, the prison culture reference is not the origin of the "sagging" pants. It is a by product of socio-economic positioning. When you're forced to wear hand me downs (sometimes as the third or fourth owner depending on family size!), you don't have control over the sizes. A belt or rope to hold up your pants were the only solace. Fast forward into my era, and unbeknownst to most, this is still an issue in our communities. Everyone that has a droop in their pants, or an inseam sits above the suggested sock line, is not attempting to blend. SECOND, as intellectuals of sorts, we should be aware that as with any other petty grievance in history that has received the spotlight, this (reaction) too will cause the opposite effect. If we spent the same fervor on improving the way our children are educated and receive information than on the garments that adorn their asses, you would probably see less of said asses.

  • Steve Ohhh

    Dennis Leary said it best "PULL UP YOUR PANTS… WE DON'T WANT TO SEE YOUR UNDERWEAR… THAT'S WHY IT IS CALLED UNDER-F***ING-WEAR". The people who sport this "style" look ridiculous.

    Good move on the town's part to ban it. It should be a nation-wide thing.

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