Tick Tock diner manager pleads not guilty in murder plot

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CLIFTON, New Jersey (PIX11) – Looking solemn, cuffed and dressed in prison attire, Georgios Spyropoulos appeared before a New Jersey Superior Court judge, charged with conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder and unlawful possession of a weapon. All of the charges stem from a  bizarre murder for hire plot to allegedly kill his wife’s uncle, one of the landmark Tick Tock Diner’s co-owners.

“He’s a good guy, a polite guy.  Loads of personality. Loads of passion,” said Spyropoulos’ Defense Attorney, Matthew Cavaliere.

Tick Tock

Spyropoulos, a manager at Tick Tock Diner, was even featured on the Food Network laughing and smiling during happier times, but in court today he was a very different man.  Jersey prosecutors painted a picture of a man who was hungry for money, who met with a man he believed was a hit man and offered to pay him $20,000 to murder his uncle, Alexandros Sgourdos.  Little did he know, the so called hit man was actually an undercover New Jersey state trooper.

Speaking after his arraignment, Spyropoulos’ attorney told reporters he believed the case had been sensationalized by prosecutors and that he had yet to see and hear all of the state’s evidence against his client.


“He’s a good guy, a polite guy. Loads of personality. Loads of passion,” said Spyropoulos’ Defense Attorney, Matthew Cavaliere.

“The family is distraught.  They’re mortified.  He’s embarrassed.  The family’s embarrassed,” said Cavaliere.

Adding to Spyropoulos’ troubles are allegations of sexual harassment complaints from waitresses who work at Tick Tock.  Cavaliere, however, was quick to blow those questions off and said there were never any criminal charges filed and never any civil complaints.

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