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Freed after 38 years, innocent man learning to live again

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For 38 years David Bryant professed his innocence, but it wasn’t until a DNA sample finally freed him that he was able to convince the legal system of it.

As an 18-year-old in 1975 Bryant was convicted for the rape and murder of eight-year-old Karen Smith in the Bronx.

“You had every belief you’re going to be alright,” a tearful Bryant said.

But for Bryant everything wasn’t alright.  As a teen he was sentenced to 25 years to life behind bars.

“You walk around for the rest of your life, you never live that down.”

For nearly four decades Bryant maintained his innocence but had little hope.


But after learning about DNA testing in 1999 Bryant thought he might have a second chance.

He shared his story with a group called Centurion ministries which specializes in helping people imprisoned for crimes they did not commit. They decided to help him with his case.

After testing Bryant’s  DNA it turned out that he did not share the same blood type with the person responsible for the eight-year-old girl’s rape and murder.

And yesterday after 38 years behind bars, a judge allowed Bryant to go free.

The now the 56-year-old says he feels blessed to have his life back, but he has to start learning everything over again.

“The baby came out of the womb, got slapped on its butt and tried to learn how to walk, day by day,” Bryant said.  “That’s all I can do.”



  • Melissa

    Ummmm wow now how does the hell this kinda crap happen , they should be asshanes of themselves taking a innocent man life from him all those years , no excuse I'm sorry and somebody should be gel responsible for this garbage

    • Melissa

      Sorry for typos in using a touchscreen on my phone , somebody should be held accountable what happen to this innocent man

  • Melissa

    Omg so sad what a story . This
    Is disgusting!!! wtf is wrong with this judicial system ? Amen u are free dude. God is with you ! This judge and jury should be held accountable . How I dot know but they should .

  • Michelle

    30+ years ago the system was a lot different than we know it today. Luckily science has come such a long way. I hope this guy has a good life now that he's been vindicated.

  • Margaret

    This is such a travesty I cannot even comprehend it. There is no amount of compensation that can remotely make this up to this man. The nature of the crime alone I'm sure subjected him to God knows what while imprisoned and the amount of years he endured is unimaginable. He has lived and made it through the nightmare now make sure he lives a dream. He should be taken care of, counseling and he should never have to worry about anything ever again. Please don't just throw some money at him and abandon him. He needs and deserves so much more than that

  • Luis

    This is a combination of bad prosecuting, negligence on behalf of all of the attorneys involved, aggressive policing and a failure by the Courts to grant this man a fair trial. Every check in the system has failed this man at one point or another, and thank God he was not subjected to the death penalty, as many others have been.

  • hearyehearye

    I sincerely hope the money will catch you up with the times. You really haven't missed much other than technology. Humans are still the same.

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