Price of cigarrettes may soon be going up

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The cost to smoke cigarettes could be going up, again.

President Barack Obama needs money to pay for early childhood education programs.

So, his plan is to raise the federal tobacco tax by 94 cents per pack. That’s nearly double the current tax.

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  • anna

    so its not enough we get taxed to support welfare kids …just because their mom want bigger checks at the end of month …they pop out kids like candy ,,,while the working man supports them and only have 2 kids …plus i would have to stop smoking because welfare loosers give me a break …hes trying to get the welfare vote ….my kids had to pay for their education and still paying ….with their own paychecks ….let them pay too…if i couldnt afford to pay for my kids education …why should i pay for theirs ….stop popping kids allready …we are building a colony of loosers

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