LI woman lied about having cancer to raise funds for heroin habit: prosecutors

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LONG ISLAND (PIX11) — A Long Island woman has been indicted on charges of falsely claiming she had cancer to collect charity and then use that money to support her heroin habit.

Prosecutors say 21-year-old Brittany Ozarowski, formerly of Selden, told people she needed cash to pay medical bills for a variety of cancers.

She collected hundreds of dollars but the Suffolk District Attorney says none of it was true.


  • truth

    Never give money to anyone who's begging for it.
    Most of them give sob stories as to why their asking.
    The most popular excuse is, "I have kids".
    If you hear this one, you know their full of it.
    Save your money.

  • Theresa

    She came to my store and we put out a chairty jar for her. this is unbelieveable. SHE EVEN BROUGHT HER GRANDMOTHER WITH HER. how SICK! this disgusts me. The nerve of some people to use CANCER as a scam!?!? how low can you go at that point. I hope she gets a real untreatable cancer, i hope its painful and she cant do anything about it. She is one Fu*ked up individual.

    • Prayer heals

      God bless you Theresa. I pray you never experience any thing as horrific as untreatable cancer. I pray your life is full of joy and love and that you can see that in others in their deepest sickness. I pray if you are ever sick, be it and understood condition or addiction, someone will be there to pray for you too. Your act of kindness, even though she was sick, will be rewarded. Don't ruin your good deed, giving from your heat with hatred. Use your God given gift and pray for those less fortunate and sicker than you.

  • Help One Another

    Addiction is real and horrific. It is not something an addicted person can control without the proper help. There are many addicted individuals that don't knock on your door or look ragged, but driven by their addiction, do unmentionable acts, ranging from federal, state a local authorities, to name a few. Look around you. This untreated person didn't look stupid because she wanted to. She looks beaten down because she has a disease that doesn't have an off switch. Having the willingness to opening our eyes to what alcohol and drug addiction is , educating ourselves as to what this disease does to the body and mind of a drug addict or alcoholic and the fatality of this disease would help us to reach our brothers and sisters that seem so doomed. But There is a solution, that unfortunately takes close to death or destruction to understand for the addict. I have seen some Fu*ked up people act from hate and judgement, that don't even do dope and want to remain ignorant in the face of any diversity. God forbid someone be sick. Maybe judgement is their drug. How pretty. The point is, reach down if you are above and help by educating yourselves. God would smile to see you love his child. God Bless you.

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