Burglars ransacking homes in Yonkers, Bronx while residents sleep

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YONKERS (PIX11) — A string of home invasions in Yonkers have left many residents on edge.

Over the last month burglars have struck 8 times in this area in the middle of the night .  They’ve hit upscale homes — four times in the Bronx and four times in Yonkers.

The scary part of this, is in every break-in the people living in the targeted homes have been inside and asleep.  Lights have been on, cars have been parked in driveways.  When they woke up cops say residents realized they had been ripped off.

So far it looks like the thieves are after small electronic stuff they can carry like iPads, laptops and video games.

There’s has been one arrest for possession of stolen property but the hunt continues for the burglars.


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