Woman found dead on subway tracks identified by police

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Police have identified the body found inside the New York City subway system Sunday as a young Park Slope woman.

Family members confirmed to PIX11 that the dead woman was Emily Singleton, 22, of Park Slope.

Singleton had been hanging out at McKenna’s Pub on West 14th Street in Manhattan, according to police sources, and left around 1:30 a.m.

The owner of McKenna’s told PIX11 that he thought she seemed okay, and didn’t look inebriated when she left.  Surveillance video may have told a different story however.  Police sources say she appeared to stumble and weave as she walked.

Mckenna copy

22-year-old Emily Singleton of Park Slope, Brooklyn, was found dead in the subway system 12 hours after swiping her MetroCard.

According to the MTA and surveillance, she swiped her MetroCard at the 14th St. and Seventh Ave. station and got on a southbound 1 train shortly after.

Her body, however, wasn’t discovered for another 12 hours — on the tracks at the Canal Street station.  What happened in between is not yet known.

It’s unclear whether or not she was hit by a train — her body was found in the trough of the tracks.

On her Linkedin page, Singleton describes herself as an Actor/Singer/Dancer, who attended the Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theater and Bucknell University.  Her last job listed was working as a sales associate in Pennsylvania.  She left that job in June of 2012.


  • jonnyess

    Hasn't been a bar owner since the dinosaurs that thought any patron leaving was anything but "OK". Fact.

  • NYer1

    I agree..he is an @sshole. I dont think anyone believes Emily is reading this. Only a person with the intellect of a fourth grader would think so. It is just a sentiment that cretins like you would not understand. Freakin idiot.

    May you Rest in Peace Emily.

    And to those who don’t understand the sentiment, have a few drinks and a nice walk on the Jackie Robinson. (Yeah the baseball player. duh!)

  • Center thinking

    This should be a lesson to ya!!!! don't drink and wonder around trains kids aren't very smart these days bad parenting

  • Here for the Beer

    How awful. Her family must be devastated! Thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of this beautiful young woman.

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