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Two dead at daycare

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QUEBEC (PIX11)– Two people are dead as a result of a shooting at a daycare in Canada. The incident took place at a home-based daycare.

Gun shots were heard at two addresses in the same block.

Parents rushed to the scene to find all 53 children were safe. No kids were injured in the shooting.

Police are trying to identify the victims, as well as a motive for the shooting.

A police officer confirmed the deceased are two men.

One of them worked at the daycare.

Right now the cops have not said whether it was a suicide, but a suspect has not been identified.

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  • "soon thy will be done.....".

    When there seems to be troubles in your life n you don’t know which way to turn n can’t find your ropes end; and u surmise that someone has done did you wrong. When u find urself at your wits end n it seems there is no one on u can depend; just keep in mind that there is a friend on whom we can depend nHis name is Jesus. Whether u believe or don’t, you must answer after all the dumb mistakes u have done. No one is exonerated at all. The choice, comes with consequences if u make that wrong choice. Stop! Think! Listen! or FEEL?

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