Madonna’s homeless brother: “She never loved me”

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TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (PIX11) – Madonna’s older brother recently had some not-so-nice things to say about his superstar sister.

56-year-old Anthony Ciccone, a homeless alcoholic who roams the freezing streets of Michigan, told a British paper the pop queen lives in her own world and doesn’t care if he lives or dies.

Ciccone, who lives just a short distance from his father and stepmother, blames his family for not helping him when times got tough–but a family friend says Madonna, who is two years younger, has tried to help Anthony several times by paying for his rehab.

Madonna has a younger brother, Christopher, who is a successful designer.


  • All In

    Don't care how many times a family member messes up. If I had the kind of money Madonna has- no family member of mine would be sleeping on the streets!! That's just horrible.

    • LadyMarissa

      NO matter how much money she gave him, he'd just stay drunker & still living on the streets. He lives a few blocks from his Dad & even Dad won't take him in. She's offered him rehab & he doesn't want it. He wants her to pay to keep him drunk!!! He says she doesn't love him. I say she loves him enough to NOT let him kill himself with alcohol!!! Money does NOT solve EVERY problem!!!

    • Dave

      It doesn't matter how much money you throw at addicts and alcoholics to help them. They can only help themselves – its their decision. No one else is to blame for their condition.

    • kiki

      she has tried to help him several times…he doesn't want to help himself…why continue to throw money at someone who will do nothing but waste it. It's not her responsibility to take care of him…her older brother…he needs to take personal responsibility

  • Lois Weisberg

    Oh please,…. has anyone ever read "Life with my Sister Madonna" written by Madonna's other brother Christopher. He was working for Madonna, but was (admittedly) whacked out on drugs and totally irresponsible. When Madonna finally gave up on him and abandoned him – instead of being grateful for the opportunities she provided – he bad mouthed her and expected the public to sympathize. Sounds like this brother is no different. People should not pass judgement on a situation they know nothing about..

  • South Carolinan

    He is an adult and is "entitled" to change his life independently. Only HE can choose to be sober and a contributor to society.

  • Isabel

    This dude is a grown ass man. None of know the truth! She may have offered to help with by paying for his rehab but a person won't get clean unless they are ready to. You don't know the type of drama & heartache that a blood relative who has a substance abuse problem causes to the family. Yes of course family always wants to help but when the person doesn't want it, steals from you or causes other stresses & problems you just have to walk away from it. You cannot let them bring you down as well especially if you have kids like Madonna has. You can't subject them to all of the stress. Yeah she may have all the money in the world but it can't buy her brother soberness! Only he can help himself!

  • Jennifer

    I am in the almost exact situation as Madonna, MINUS her money. My son's in his mid thirties and I paid for his schooling and "helped" as much as any person possibly can, including GIVING him two nice automobiles and he's almost tore up the second one as well. He has the potential to make a very good living for himself and is very talented at what he does, providing that he keep a steady job, which he will not. He has a drinking problem and when I cut off all monies he constantly whines that he's got "nobody to help" him. I've talked, coached, and threatened to cut him loose until I'm totally exhausted and every time I walk away I find myself giving and doing for "the last time. And if that's not bad enough, he's extremely ungrateful and bad-mouths me even to the point of lying on me to different people. For all the people that's not in this sort of situation, count your blessings.

  • dds

    Get off your butt and make your own breaks!!!! Keep telling yourself "nobody is coming to your rescue" and make your own breaks. Madonna isn't your mother! She doesn't owe you anything! For you to think she owes you help is completely rediculous!!!!!

  • Jet

    He sounds like a typical drunk…whaaaa…no body loves me, how sickening. Sister, Mother, friend, no one is expected to keep another adult sober or take care of them. I would be so embarrassed if I were him to even say that, much less allow someone to print it, but then again his little statement and 2 seconds of fame earned him another bottle or two I'm sure. I can't believe I even clicked on this story, sheesh what was I thinking?!

  • ServantsoftheFather

    The Servants of the Father of Mercy is a DTLA Catholic group of brothers and sisters that loves Anthony and helped him while he was homeless for some time in Los Angeles, then he suddenly left one day without saying where he was going. We assumed he moved back to Michigan. Anthony, almost every day since you left, we remember to pray for you. Truly! Your best homeless friend Paul misses you too. We pray that you will take the low road, be humble and appreciate everything your sister, family and many others have done for you. In Greek, Eucharist means "thanksgiving." Please go to church this Easter season, receive the sacraments and "be thankful!" Fr. Raniero and I send you hugs and greetings. If you would like to let us know how you are doing, stop at the library and send an email to God bless you, Anthony! Br. Gary

    Ps. – please read my book at BN or Amazon: Proof of the Afterlife – The Conversation Continues or go to or email me and I will send you a copy for free!

  • whonew

    where does it say she has to support him? he must be a democrat expecting to be kept up by someone else and not working for hiw own way.


    I think Madonna isn't his keeper and family members don't own him anything . He mad is bed let him sleep in it . I think he's piss because she made it and he didn't and he crawl into the bottle and is feeling sorry for himself

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, we’ve all had family members like this. Blames everyone but themselves. Won’t take responsibility. Wants to take the whole family down with them. Take a look in the mirror, Anthony.

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