Dodgeball banned in New Hampshire school district due to bullying

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NEW HAMPSHIRE (PIX11)- A school district in New Hampshire has banned dodgeball.

They say it’s too violent and promotes bullying. Many critics of the game say it objectify’s the slower and less athletic students.

The object of the game is to eliminate an opponent by blasting them with a red, rubber ball.

The school board decided to ban the game after a parent complained his child was being bullied.

Last week the school board in Windham voted four to one to remove the game from the district’s curriculum.

Only one school board member voted against the ban. He says games do not enforce rules against bullying.

Nine other games were also banned during the meeting.


  • jed

    The woman in the video is right that if you don’t want to play dogdeball then don’t play it but it’s not necessarily that you should eliminated that game for everybody else because bullying nowadays is nature. Though there are many solution to stop bullying but I think bullying will never end. My kid has been involved in a cyber-bullying. He is the bully. I was so surprised how cruel he can be using his facebook account. I was so upset that his victim was transferred to another school because she wasn't able to cope up with it. When the victim’s mother approached me, she told me of a service in the net, PGGUARD. It sends alarms whenever my son bullies again or uses harsh words. You can google it to know more. I am using it because it really helps me monitors my son’s social net accounts such as facebook.
    I just hope the community and the government will give a higher level of seriousness to this. Even the involved are minors they should still make some serious investigations to it.

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