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Savannah Guthrie flips off Matt Lauer over bad vacuum joke?

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Matt Lauer went for one too many jokes at Savannah Guthrie’s expense and appeared to get the finger from his co-host Friday morning.

The apparent bird sighting happened during a strange segment where Guthrie tried to vacuum cheerios off a rug while Lauer watched and made fun of her.

Savannah Guthrie

Savannah Guthrie appears to flip off co-host Matt Lauer during a testy vacuum comparison segment.

“And Savannah can’t even figure out how to turn it on,” Lauer begins as a flustered Guthrie protests, “I do know how to turn it on, I just can’t make it go back…don’t make me look bad.”

Lauer then comments on the portability of the vacuum, noting, “It’s good if you have a bad back and you can’t bend over like this one here for Savannah.”

“This is not a good example,” Guthrie replies.

“By the way, this is the first time Savannah has ever vacuumed,” Lauer piles on, turning his back on his co-host.  A fed-up Guthrie says, “That is not true,” and appears to throw up the middle finger in his direction.

Guthrie admits she made the gesture, but claimed on Twitter that it was not the middle finger, adding the hashtag #fingergate and #TGIF.

Things have been rocky at NBC’s morning show with rumors swirling about Lauer’s future.  In the news recently was Anderson Cooper, who may be in the running for the anchor position.

Lauer, who is reportedly making $25 million a year, was seen by many as having contributed to the indelicate firing of Ann Curry.  Judging from the tone Lauer uses while digging at Guthrie like a man in an unhappy marriage, it’s starting to look like the current anchors may not be getting along so well off the set either.


  • Sharon

    SG always jabs at herself, she can't cook etc. She deserves anything she gets. Her voine is the most irrritating I have ever heard. She should go. Her jollies are put on. I turn her off when possible. I have been a today viewer for eons, not any more. GMA looks better all the time. NBC grow up and quit trying to ruin the station.

  • arlene

    Think she should have done her research before the show, it's her fault she looked bad, he was wrong also.

  • v hay

    Why did NBC have Savannah vacuuming? Why not put Matt vacuuming? Get a life Matt you are not perfect.. She should have kicked him in the ass. That would have been better. He always acts like he knows everything. I have always liked Matt but lately has has become a butt. Never wants to participate in things like dancing or something that make him look like a baboon. GET HUMAN MATT.

  • bob steele

    Lauer is an arrogant, self aggrandizing d*** and shouldn't even be on television. I can't stand the smug bastard.

  • Ali

    I haven't watched since Ann got fired because of Matt. I have had enuff of him…his ego is bigger then his bald spot! Time for Matt to go….new blood needed to get me back!

  • Sandy

    As I have said a million times, it is time for Matt Lauer to walk. He doesn't even show up much of the time. My husband and I have a running joke that "it's Friday, Matt's not there, imagine that" or "it's Monday, Matt's not there, imagine that". If you're that unhappy Matt, get lost. The show doesn't need you anymore. Stopping running off the female co-anchors thinking it is their fault. There has been one constant each time and he is still there! Get a clue.

  • jay

    you wonder why your viewers are going down hill, he makes me want to throw up. if you would start reporting real news some day may be some people might watch. i quit a long time ago.

  • Ellen

    NBC has gotten rid of alot of talent in the past. Some of them have been picked up by CBS. I do watch but if Pat battle ever goes, I will never watch any news there again. Lauer has gotten a little big for his britches. His treatment of Ann curry was inexcuseable./ Gutherie lacks warmth. i THINK A GOOD HOUSECLEANING IS NEEDED.


    I dont need a reason to flip off Matt Lauer. He is a freakin moron. Cant stand the guy. I would have punched him in the face and said I might not know how to use THIS vacuum but I know how to kick ur azz… He is a poser and needs to be ripped of the show and thrown to the curb!

  • Tina

    Woo Hoo Savannah!!!!!!! A finger will do for now, so tempting to kick the ever dangling sac…..You are a pig Matt Lauer………Meredith was the only one that you seemed to respect………bet your mother is proud of you Matt………

  • CALucy306

    Why is NBC allowing this charade with Matt Lauer continue? I have enjyed Good Morning America and will continue unless NBC gets a replacement for Matt Lauer who has clearly "gotten too big for his pants"! Enouigh I say!!


    Havent watched matt Lauer on NBC since they kicked poor Ann Curry off…….All good comes to those who wait..he is going to get a dose of his own medicen.Ann Curry was a lady and too good for that show.

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