NYPD girds for Times Square Easter ‘wilding’ after auto show

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Times SquareThe NYPD is scouring through Facebook and other social media sites, looking for any plans of “wilding” in Times Square this Sunday night.

It’s part of Easter Sunday annual ritual in which the Bloods, Crips and other gang members attend the auto show at the Javits Center.

They then go looking for trouble in Times Square.

Cops have been able to keep a lid on the problems the past two years.

But in 2010, three people were shot and 54 arrested in Times Square.



  • truth

    Their just rumbustious children looking to have fun.
    And why would they all travel from 34Th and 12Th avenue to 42nd street to start trouble?
    Where does this reporter get his information?
    It is NOT an annual ritual.
    It's done through out the year, you just don't here about it until it happens in a wealthy neighborhood.

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