Powerball winner owes about $29,000 in child support

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Pedro Quezada, the New Jersey man who just won the Powerball jackpot, is reportedly a deadbeat dad.

Quezada, who is married and has five children, owes about $29,000 in child support going back to 2009.

The Passaic County Sheriff’s Office is trying to find Quezada to resolve the issue.

However, it looks like the bill will be settled no matter what. The lottery division generally pays off judgments before winnings are released.

Powerball winner child support

Powerball winner Pedro Quezada was all smiles the other day. His child support woes have now gone public.

Quezada took the lump sum payment, which will pay him about $152 million after taxes.

The lucky 44-year-old, a Dominican immigrant who won one of the largest lottery jackpots in U.S. history, is already making big moves now that he’s among the ultra rich: Quezada has put his bodega up for sale.


A “for sale” sign has been placed at the now famous shop. It was on his way home from that store that Quezada popped in at Eagle Liquor, picked up a couple of beers and played the lottery.

He will surely not miss his bodega, he said a few days ago.

“Imagine having to wake up every morning at 5 a.m. and to then close at 11 p.m.,” Quezada said.  “Of course it’s very difficult.”

Another priority for him is to buy a car, saying the other day: “[My life] has to change,” Quezada said, “[But it] will not change my heart.”



  • TheLWord

    The best thing for him now is to work an arrangement with the mothers of his five children and the state(s) to per-calculate an estimate of all expenses from present to the age of 21 (18 if they do not plan on attending college) and set that money aside in an escrow account. This way his child support is prepaid and he won't have that deadbeat label anymore. They should take into account inflation and where the children live to determine these costs and set aside another escrow account with funds for college (or he can pre-pay college with New Jersey's state college pre-pay plan) that can be refunded to him should a child decide not to attend college or dies before turning 18.

  • truth

    He's your typical guy that didn't care who he got pregnant.
    He may be rich but money will never buy common sense.
    As for all his kids, do you really think they will want to go to school now?
    I think NOT!

  • Napoleon

    This is just the begining of all these so called "family members" that will arise out of the woodworks. Soon he'll realize how "huge" his "family" is. "Mo money mo problems" Good luck Big Poppa! Oops, luck got you in this bind in the first place huh. Enjoy the dinero while you can. "Just listen to your heart Pedro, that's what i always do"-N.D

  • audrey

    i think the baby mama deserve more then just paying up the back child support. i hope the baby mama or ex wive sue for more money because he diverted her child support money to playing the lottery. that money he spend was not for lottery ,however it done so think about hitting the baby mama & kids off big time $$$$$. to the child mother get a lawyer quick !

  • Elvin

    Oye Chico,
    ¿Que tu haces, porque tu debes un sueldo a tus ninos? Valgame, que falta de respeto para lu mujer y sus bebes. ¡Andale, ya no seas ingrato! ¡Basta!

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