Get swabbed and help save Tiffany’s life

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Eleven-year-old Tiffany Glasgow needs your help to save her life.  The tween is in need of a bone marrow donor and it is so easy to come to her aid.  All it takes is just a few seconds to get your mouth swabbed and then tested.  The procedure can help the organization Delete Blood Cancer DKMS find a potential donor for Tiffany or the numerous others in need.

Katharina Harf, founder of the organization, stopped by PIX11 to tell us about a great event taking place at her office today:


THURSDAY, MARCH, 28th • 9 am-9 pm

33 E. 33rd, Suite 501

Eat, drink and become a bone marrow donor.

 There will be  food and music while you swab your cheeks to register as a donor and a hero! It only takes a few minutes, so you can stop by on your commute, at lunch or even for a quick coffee break. (You can sign up, swab and get an espresso from us in less time than it takes to order at Starbucks!)