Unhappy meal! Man throws McDonald’s sandwich at drive-thru worker, cops say

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Geoffrey E. Weglarz, 56, had a very unhappy meal.

FAIRFIELD (HARTFORD COURANT) — A local man unhappy with how his McDonald’s order was prepared returned to the restaurant Tuesday night, became enraged at the drive-thru clerk, then threw his meal through the drive-thru window at a pregnant store manager, police said.

Geoffrey E. Weglarz, 56, then drove off in his white BMW.

When police caught up with him at his home a short time later, “he was immediately belligerent to officers and was taken into custody.” Police also found a loaded Glock pistol in his waistband.



  • truth

    micky dee's food sucks anyway. Already knowing how bad that kind of food is, why would anyone still eat it? This guy was pissed alright for him to do what he did. Looking at his picture he doesn't seem to be the regular type that would go there. It's usually kids, people who don't have that much money and uneducated people who still go only because they don't know any better.
    I guess that's why there's always a fight in these restaurants.

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