NJ students posting brawl videos to Facebook ‘fight club’ page

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The images are disturbing but the school system says it is powerless to do anything about them. Students from Bridgewater Raritan High School engaging in brawls and documenting it all on Facebook.

Some are calling it a virtual fight club online.  At least 5 fights at the school have been posted on Facebook over the last 2 weeks.  The school is investigating but according to the Courier News, the superintendent sent them an email saying the school has no jurisdiction for Facebook sites and has no legal recourse to remove the information.

Superintendent Michael Schilder  also reportedly told the paper they are trying to find out who posted the fights so they can ask them to remove them.

The site is causing a lot of controversy with many sickened by the videos.  It all started March 14th when someone posted a message asking people to send in their videos and saying they would post them for all to see.  Since then, the number of fights at the school has reportedly grown.


  • kamil

    maybe they need to ban the use of cell phones while the kids are in school like they did when they first came out in the mid 90's

  • Nancy

    As a graduate of BRHS in 2004, I have to say that I am DISGUSTED by this. They are giving an upper-middle class area a horrible name. They should now ban the use of cell phones between classes, like it orginially was before 2003.

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