Malnourished 4-year-old boy spent days alone at home with mother’s corpse

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UNION, New Jersey (PIX11) —  It was a foul odor coming from the apartment that alerted police to force open the chain-locked front door.

Once inside, Union police officers found a very malnourished and dehydrated 4-year-old boy in the living room, and the badly decomposing body of his mother on the floor of the bedroom.

Police believe the mother died of natural causes 4 to 6 days earlier.  “(I’m) very sorry for this boy and the lady,” said one neighbor.  “For this boy it’s a tragedy.”

The police director told PIX 11 that  the 4-year-old boy was “alert, spunky and talkative.” He said his fingers were hurting. He told police there was food in the refrigerator but that he couldn’t open the door.

Police also said the little boy had been rubbing lotion on his mother’s skin over the past four to six days to care for her.   Neighbors say the little boy’s grandmother had been hospitalized with a broken hip and that the boy’s mother hadn’t been looking well for months.

“I know she was sick. I haven’t seen the lady since January,” said a neighbor.

Another neighbor said he didn’t know what had happened, but that he is very sad that no one has time anymore to look out for their neighbors.

“So sad, very sad,” he added wistfully.

The boy is at University Hospital hospital in Newark in stable condition suffering from malnutrition and dehydration. He’s expected to make a full physical recovery.

Union police are awaiting the autopsy from the Union County Medical Examiner’s office to determine the exact time and cause of death.

Police are still trying to find the little boy’s relatives to see where he will live once he’s released from the hospital.



  • 1PuRp

    Hey Magee Hickey, How about u use your resources as a journalist and help find this boys relatives. Dont let him fall into the horrid foster care system.

  • Mummy dear

    I'll would love to be this little boy's mummy! My heart go out to him and for his lost.
    I pray God's Blessing on his life.

    • Lisa O'Hare

      I seen this on the news yesterday !!!! :'((( As a Mom my heart is deeply saddened !! I want to go visit him as I know he is sitting in hospital not sure if they found any family members and It hurts me if he is alone. W:no FAMILY THERE !!! Also DEEPLY SADDENED HOW LIFE HAS CHANGED AND WE ALL NEED TO LOOK AFTER OUR NEIGHBORS !! I CALLED HOSPITAL BECAUSE I WANT TO GO BE W:THIS DEAR SEEET YOUNG BOY AND BRING MY SON W / ME !!!!

  • Anonymous

    This is so said…i hope that the family lean almighty god right now….he is the only one who can bring them peace……

  • Helen Koppie

    Any new info on this little boy and his family…I am a stay at home mom with 1 son and 3 step-children. I am Truly serious about taking him in as a foster child and adopting him !!!

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