Disturbing viral Facebook post shows man sexually abusing child

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Facebook users have been contacting the PIX11 news desk to complain about a disturbing image that has been popping up on their walls.  The disgusting screen grab was apparently taken from a child porn video depicting sex between a man and a young girl.

The video went viral overnight and was shared more than 32,000 times and liked over 5,000 before Facebook finally pulled it.

In a statement, Facebook responded saying:

“Nothing is more important to Facebook than the safety of the people that use our site, and this material has no place on Facebook.

“We have zero tolerance for child pornography being uploaded onto Facebook and are extremely aggressive in preventing and removing child exploitive content.

“We are pleased that this material was reported to us quickly enabling its swift removal.”

“Swift” may be a subjective statement, but the breach raises questions about how such an explicit video could pass Facebook’s detection system that has been so good at weeding out images such as these.

Thursday evening Facebook messages and phone calls flooded into the PIX11 news desk.

One viewer wrote, “Dear pix11 news—-there are no words to describe how i feel at this moment watching this video.  You have warn to people and protect the children.  See what you can do.”

Another viewer says “My fiance is a police officer and and I showed it to him and it brought him to tears….do something now!”

PIX11 contacted the FBI, police and Facebook about the video.



  • veronica arias

    As a savior of abuse I find was in tears I contacted my local police department and all that they told me was to write a police report I was in shock I can’t even image why anyone can do this to a child this is cruel disturbing video and it breaks my heart I hope this man I caught and sentence to jail for the rest of his miserable life I hope the little girl is taken from this man and protected I am in shock :'(

  • Zabrina

    Thank you Pix 11 News for listening to your viewers concerns about this video being circulated on Facebook. I also sent an email about my concerns regarding this video. It is very disturbing that a monster could do something so horrific to a child. I pray that they catch the monster & bring justice to that child.

  • Lisa

    Am so happy something was done and this was taking down I cry all night I have four daughters this man is sick that poor lil girl I hope they get him and put him in jail forever he’s a monster and Facebook needs to do a better job with stuff like this !!!

  • Cathy

    Facebook did not delete it, it just showed up on my wall and I reported it I think I’m going to be sick and also delete my Facebook for good I’m angry and so sad. I’m praying for that young girl

  • Meagan

    It may be pulled but it still shows up every time someone makes a comment. So for Atleast every one person that comments, the video spreads about 200 times per person. It shouldn’t have ever been able to get that far.

  • Kim

    I am disgusted by this thank god I never saw this video because I think it wuld break my heart I hope the dog who did it get bashed or Better yet killed

  • Ifempa


    Please understand that this is not “sex between a man and a young girl!” There is no possibility that a minor can consent to such a thing. This child was violated and abused…period. I pray that this “man” is found and given his just due.

  • Juanita

    As I child I was molested by my father. That sick video had me in years all day. My prayers go out to that little girl. In my opinion this article should be corrected. It was not a video of a man and a young girl having sex. It was a video of a sick twisted man raping a child, a baby!! I hope he is caught and tortured for the rest of his life because death would be too easy. I hope you guys keep the public updated on this story. It’s very disturbing to know this person may still be out on the street, or worse still abusing that innocent child.

  • tonia mcintosh

    Its been three days since this story aired and we would like to know what if anything is being done to find this baby and the pedophile who violated this baby. Please let us know whats goin on.

  • renee

    Ok in they removed it. What about the little girl? Who is going to save her and hang the manwho commited the ultimate sin…she will never recover without our help. How do iI help. Did not see it..heard from girl friend who was up all night crying wondering how to save her and put the man in prison …there has to be something that can be done to catch him and help her.?????????

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