300 guns seized from Long Island home

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Police on Long Island said they have made a big gun bust, right near  a school.

300 guns seized

Officials discuss the cache of guns found in the Centereach home.

Cops seized more than 300 guns and piles of ammo from a house near Centereach High School. Officials say the owner, Jay Steiner, was running an illegal gun business.

Investigators said that Steiner had a federal gun license permitting him to buy and sell weapons, but it expired back in 2004.

Steiner is free on bail and is due back in court next month.


  • clay

    Could of sold one gun and paid to renew his license. Coulda,woulda,shouda but jezzzzzz!!!!They're too expensive(the licenses).

  • jay

    Now here is a perfect example of how criminals get guns.licensed gun buyers see a big profit in selling to criminals so they do.I feel the punishment should be worst for someone selling guns to criminals then maybe so many people wont be so quick to sell them knowing an inoccent person will be hurt or killed by their lustful greed for money.

      • cherrybop

        LOL, Bush's pal Gonzales started that program with Dubya's explicit permission and Holder ended it as soon as he learned about it. Why aren't you going after Bush and Gonzales? Oh yeah, because they're not Democrats. 9_9

      • Michael

        If Holder would atually release the records to Congess supporting your statement, then I would agree with you. But Holder hasn't released those pertnent memos and has been found in contempt of Congress. The worst gun walking was under his watch.

      • john gage

        Exactly. Just another example of a typical Lib spouting off, but having ABSOLUTELY no evidence to support their claim. They're always quick to speak and slow to think. When it comes time to providing evidence to support their claim, they just say "believe me, it's true, even though i can't provide any evidence for it being true". Damn libs, lol………losers.

      • Guest

        … "believe me, it's true, even though i can't provide any evidence for it being true". Damn libs, lol………losers …

        This is verbatim what Bushbaby and gang told everyone about the WMDs.

        Damn Repukes, lol………losers …

    • Reta

      I can not believe people gave you a thumbs down. They should be punished severely. What in the hell is wrong with people that finds nothing wrong with all the deaths caused by guns in the US and the most deaths by guns are not caused by criminals. They are caused by irresponsible gun owners. The largest non-medical killer of toddlers to young adults are guns and they are usually because of stupid people that leave their guns out where children can get to them.

      • rusty

        why dont you come and try to "punish" me and millions of other gun owners and see what happens. this is not the UK we have something called the bill of rights maybe you should look into that.

      • Michael Vicary

        Actually we have had Bill of Rights in the UK since 1689 but we have realised that time has moved on. But we are weird. We equate "freedom" with the right of access to medical care for all, you seem to equate "freedom" with the right to bear any sort of arms without restriction in case you decide one day that you suddenly have the right to kill federal employees and overthrow a tyrannical government. Most grown up countries use the ballot box to remove a government. I guess democracy is a pretty fragile concept in the USA if it has to be backed up witha Bushmaster AR-15.

      • rusty

        did you know that the #1 unatural cause of death in the 20th century was tyrannical government? its true. thats why we have the 2nd amendment. just look at history man. hitler stalin popot castro chairman moa kim jong ill they all baned weapons and killed millions. you could even go back thousands of years and see the same thing with swords and bows.
        also always remember history tends to repeat itself.

      • Thomas

        Hey Ding Dong, he didn't have a permit to own a gun. He had an expired buyer/seller's license given ti him by the State which should be auditing dealers. Responsible permit holders are not killing people and people like you are trying to create that illusion with misinformation and understanding. Get your facts straight. Criminals aquiring firearms has nothing to do with a responsible person that has the right as an American to have a firearm.

    • EVO

      I'm sorry, I think I have good reading comprehension skills so after reading your remark I kept going over and over the article trying to find where it stated he was selling guns to criminals. Yes, he is accused of selling guns illegally, with an expired FFL. Can you please tell me where it states he was selling guns to criminals??

    • Kent

      All we know at the moment is that this guy let his dealer licence expire…cool your jets until you know the facts

    • Doszap

      HE WAS NOT A LICENSED dealer, did you read it correctly?.

      I know many licensed dealers and NO WAY they sell weapons off paper, they MUST show a written record of where the weapons came from and date, and serial#, and BOOK it.

      When sold it must be to a NICS background checked person, and then an ATF Form 4473 is filled out,the weapon is paid for, and after the wait period, they can release it to the new owner.

      It is then taken OFF his books and the new owners stats are entered into another book, and depending on the state the wait time varies. IF THEY CANNOT account for any sales with this paperwork they LOSE their licenses and face huge fines, and maybe even jail time, and ar hit with a felony wrap.

      A legit licensed dealer would never do that, because it would mean they lose EVERYTHING they own.

  • Jay

    And another Joannie Reb Wannabe bites the dust. Now that BATF has his records, they will be onto all of his customers, as well. This is like getting Bin Laden's laptop full of Al-Qaeda contacts. More than a few Survivalists/New Confederacy/NSWP/KKK types will be under surveillance from now on….thanks to one cheapskate dummy, and all the morons who did business with him. By watching the clowns on this fool's customer list the Feds will get a line on their friends/relatives as well. This idiot's "you aint the boss o' me…I don't need no stinkin' license" attitude has put the screws to all of his contacts, and all of their contacts, etc. Proof again that anarchists are stupid.

  • Viet Vet

    Obummer and Holder ran way more guns to the mexican cartel than this guy. And those guns are responsible for at least two American deaths and hundreds of mexican deaths.

  • F.U.N.Y.

    First, the number of guns and the location, in a private residence that is “close to a school” (good place for a private residence, many think) are absofreakin’lutely irrelevant except to sleazy sensationalists posing as “journalists”. If he was actually in violation of federal law, we are not told. I am assuming this was in Long Island, New York, in which the draconian laws of that State would presume it has power over this person. (16oz Bloomburg would be sewwww proud!)
    As he did not have a Federal Firearms License, if these guns are all “clean””, these would be considered Personal Property regardless of the number, and the taking of them by the State should be prosecuted as felonious.
    Perhaps he could be held on a charge of having a 24oz soda cup in his possession, or worse, TWO of them. (HORRORS! And near a school, too!) F. U. N. Y.

  • B...

    What is the relevance of the school here? Its not illegal to have a gun in your home if you live near a school. I understand that there is an alleged crime comitted and for that he will pay buy what does it matter if he lives near a school. I legally have 5 guns and live near a school and there is nothing illegal about it. Another thing what is considered near? Everyone who owns a gun in the city is considered near. Scare tactics journalism at its finest.He was allegedly doing illegal things as an FFL. But the fact that he has 300 guns or lives near a school is irrelevant. Just careless journalism trying to make monsters out of all gun owners.

  • david weaver

    JAY STEINER why are you even lose,you are the kind of ass@#$% thats selling your illegal guns to are kids.KILLING other kids at school.AND we wonder where terriost in this country get there illegal guns and ammo, to commit the awlful crimes they do.

    • Tim

      who says he sold to kids! and why would you bring up school shootings? People are way to emotional these days. Those kids that committed those crimes did so with stolen guns from family.

      • Josh

        Considering the number of errors in the comment (e.g. spelling, spacing, punctuation etc.) it would seem as if emotion was of significant consequence or intelligence is of no consequence. The drama associated with events of this nature suggests nothing more to me than the level of ignorance that was present. Now we have thousands of people who did not even think of gun trouble developing a phobia of anything mentioning the storage/selling of them. It is unfortunate that our country is becoming more and more like those before it (e.g. variance in the level of government control etc.). Unfortunately, unless something is changed, it seems as if what was once viewed as great nation by the world around us will become “another piece of history”. As I have mentioned in other posts (e.g. Huffington Post, Facebook etc.). How long will it take, or how much is in need of happening, before people quiet themselves, and their insecurities/discontent, long enough to work toward a common goal? That, it seems, is what is required before anything will get “better”.

  • dustime8

    These people are potential accessories to other crimes and probably murder. How low you gotta go to profit in this world.

  • robert

    When i go to buy a gun (from a very respectable gun dealer) i never once thought to ask for his license before buying. His business was in his garage, but nowhere close to a school. NOBODY he ever sold to ever shot any kids. When he cleaned out his attic he was surprised to find a full auto "tommy gun". He immediatly turned it in because his class C license had expired. THAT shows the integrity of the man. Not how many guns he posessed.

    • Jerry Weintraub

      This guy should go to jail for life without parole and without a trial. The fact that he owned ANY amount of guns within 20 miles of a school is horrible and should carry a life sentence (unless your a minority or an illegal immigrant because their lives are in way more danger and need protection). But even if his gunsmith license didn't expire and was still active he should be put in jail for life anyway, because having that many guns, even if he doesn't own them and is just repairing them for his customers, is wrong. I mean what if some burglars or criminals broke into his house and stole all those guns? Then those guns would turn non violent burglars just looking for something to steal into violent murderers because they now have guns. The fact that this guy intentionally bought his house near a school so he could sell his guns to school children after school is just plain wrong. The scary thing is there are millions of guys like this in this country, and most of them are white supremacists who probably have some affiliation to some hate group that hates minorities and Jews. People like this need to be stopped

  • Jerry Weintraub

    Obama should finally do away with the Second amendment once and for all. He should do it with or without the permission of congress. Its long overdue, nobody wants the second amendment anymore except for gun nuts and racists and anti-Semites. Obama should use executive powers and completely remove the second amendment, that way all of this violence and murder would stop, and it would take the guns out of the hands of criminals and criminals would stop all of this violence and stop using guns to kill people. Nobody needs a gun these days anyway unless your a violent person and want to do harm. if you want to protect yourself just call the police like a normal person and buy some pepper spray or take karate lessons. Being able to legally buy a gun is just a cowards way to legally kill an innocent person.

    • Tommy

      Yea that will work! I can see my 75 year old grandfather learning karate now. Maybe they should get rid if your 1st amendment rights!

    • john

      Very disturbing Jerry. Sounds like you would love to live in a foriegn country that has no Constitution. R u a terrorist? I love and live in the USA … for the people by the people ….. we have the right to have firearms and have the right to voice our opinions like you have. If for one second you think by abolishing the second admendment would stop criminals from aquiring guns, you are fn crazy. That is why they are criminals. I am 43 yrs young with 6 firearms and I have never had a criminal record. I have never even been arrested. Sounds like you need to educate yourself more before you start running your mouth about our rights in this great country.

    • Kissmy gunloving Ass

      I read you last comment before I even seen your first. You are dumber than I even thought. So you are basically saying that even if a criminal breaks into his house and commits a crime and steals his guns our a gun he is repairing for someone else it is his fault because that is what he does for a living. I am going to copy and paste your comments on my facebook page. My "gun loving nut, racist , anti-Semitic" friends are going to get a very good laugh out of this one. We are not currently in any hate groups but I am now considering starting a new hate group against stupid libs. You morons and your comments do make me laugh endlessly.

    • A Vet

      Just wait Jerry, When they come to your house to grab up the Dummies of the world, You will wish you had one of those guns. You are going to be kicking and screaming that your constutsional rights to breath are being violated.

    • RocketJL

      Dear Sir, I don't think you have the slightest idea what you are talking about. A large number of farm boys with guns beat down a government military force like Obama's and gave you the right to speak you feelings. If our people did not have guns, the Japanese would have tried to invaded our west coast. I am 74 yrs old and the cops are slow. I can no longer fight, so when an intruder breaks into my home and tries to harm my family, I plan to just kill him. I know I could never depend on you or your best friend to help protect me or anyone.

    • Phil

      you are a special kind of stupid arent you. Instead of worrying about what law abiding people do how about trying to concentrait on the real problem. CRIMINALS. Oh thats right logic and facts have no effect on people like you. If you are so eager to give up your rights move to russia or china.

    • garanduser

      Hey Weintraub, come to get mine you jerk. The First Revolutionary started when the British set about to conficate guns from the colonists. The Second Revolution will start when the Gestapo comes to get ours. As far as obama abolishing the second amendment goes the first amendment to the new constitution will be term limits.MOLON LABE

    • garanduser

      Weintrob, Mexico has strict gun control, no private ownershp allowed. Take your commie ass and move there to report back to us how well that is working for them. Or Chicago, or detroit or wash d.c. If you do not like guns simply do not buy one. MOLON LABE

  • Kissmy gunloving Ass

    Jerry 'Weiner" Weintraub, your an idiot. If you don't like the 2nd amendment why don't you just leave. There are no facts that says he was selling guns to criminals. As long as he knows who he is he could win his case. 2nd amendment says nothing about limitations on quantity of guns. This is only proof of media bias and what happens when you get permission from the state to do whatever it is you do. If we lose the 2nd amendment the other eight are sure to follow. You liberal jackasses are getting stupider by the minute. If people don't agree with your views they are racist. I have not had one decent conversation with a lib that hasn't ended with "your a racist". Your stupidity surpasses all understanding! Read the constitution and see what his powers are limited to. Obama couldn't do away with one word of our constitution. You are very uneducated or choose to be ignorant. How sad!

  • Anonymous

    I guess I am “nobody”, I also must be racists and an anti-Semite. I don’t see the second amendment as the problem. My comment, why is it that we allow 19 people a day to die in the inner cities from gun violence. that’s 19 a day seven days a week and when we loose 20 at the hands of one madman – in a different neighborhood – it makes it all the way to the presidents desk. OK he has a separate agenda to disarm America but look at the public response. Who is the real racist (have a mirror handy).
    Licensed Gun dealers are 99% honest – the 1% need to burn.
    Many of the guns confiscated in the inner cities are stole registered firearms. Please, if you are a gun owner, secure your weapons. We don’t need more laws, enforce the laws as they stand. Gun owners need to be trained and responsible. Don’t have a gun “kicking around the house”. If a weapon isn’t wanted or needed, sell it or turn it in.

  • Rickles

    Jerry …..you obviously have no clue to how this country was formed. Read some history and become informed Before you talk all that nonsense.

    • garanduser

      Jerry, you had no problem with me having a gun from 1966 thru 1971 did you? I took an oath to protect this nation from communists like you, that oath is still in effect!!! MOLON LABE

  • Nunya Biznes

    Gun registrations lead to gun confiscations ! Just like Nazi Germany !! gun confiscations soon lead to citizen enslavement and control.

  • Bill

    This comment is to all those that thinks getting rid of the second admendment,,just what are you going to do if and when this government falls as it did in Germany during Hitlers rule(and please do not tell me it won't happen,, look at 911) and you need to rely on gun owners to protect you from the ones you cry to to take guns away for us, then what are you going to do?
    Oh well,, I for one,, am prepared and willing to stand and fight and die for my country,, but wouldnt walk across the street to piss up the Governments ass if thier guts were on fire

  • The Truth Hurts

    Heres my guess of what happened… The ATF would not renew his FFL (which they had granted before)now due to his proximity to the school. You only need to have an FFL if you are shipping or selling firearms across state lines or internationally. ANYONE can have 300 firearms and sell them to ANYONE they want at this current point in time. You do not need an FFL to sell a firearm at this point in time. This is the MEDIA once again creating a story and directing its venue before the facts are known.
    It makes for good press coverage right now to push politicians and medias agenda along.

  • john

    It didn't say they caught the guy selling firearms to a known fellon. Don't think it even said they caught the guy selling! Just that he had been a licensed seller in the past!!! Sounds like the police broke the law by breaking into this guys home and seizing his personal property!!!

  • Greg

    Didnt anybody hear the quote that some of those guns that were loaded and others that were not but with
    ammo nearby were "available to anyone" who wanted to burglarize the property.

    No it was also specifically said that he was running an illegal gun business so that infers that he
    was buying and selling since 2004 when his license expired.

    If he has records selling…. I dont think buying is illegal… then he is screwed.

    If he was a mere collector since 2004, then they confiscated because they feared someone could have
    stolen the guns.

    • Kissmy gunloving Ass

      Do you know how to spell dumbass? J-o-h-n! Do not blame the gun owner if a criminal broke in and steals his gun. Most guns are bought and sold on the black market.

  • george

    mr coumo said there are no guns with 7 round magazines..Ever hear of colt 1911a1.It was our militarys`sidearm for 75 years

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