Infidelity billboard calls out cheating husband in wife’s sweet revenge

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Billboard of revenge!

A woman is using this huge message to shame her cheating husband.

This is in North Carolina on a street called Battleground Avenue.

Woman takes out billboard calling out cheating husbandShe spent nearly $2,000 on a GPS tracker and camera with a zoom lens to catch her husband,

She used their investment account to buy the billboard space.

Some say this is really just a publicity stunt.


  • Debbie King

    I think 2,000 is cheap and a mighty good investment..better if everyone knew their last names!! You go girl…dump him and move on…

  • Amy

    I think it is hilarious.I bet the cheating husband is not laughing.Well,"get off with that steam "girl.Go get him !!

  • Guest

    So, where does it end? How about her physically disciplining the kids? Some might consider that child abuse! When someone chooses to go public they had better be sure that they have no dirt of their own!

  • SMH

    If she will air her dirty laundry in public, she is probably the type of person that tells everyone about her marital problems and puts down her husband to her friends & children.

  • guest

    I wonder if Michael would have the same recourse had her caught her cheating…I doubt it. She still would have been in the "right" and her cheating would be "justified" and overlooked. He would have been blamed for "causing her to cheat" and all the "sisters" would rally behind her.

    I like to pass this bit of advice to any young man willing to listen from someone a little bit older and wiser from learning things the hard way.

    This is not an original quote of mine but I agree 100% and if it can help even 1 guy open his eyes that alone would make it worthwhile! Here it is!

    "disregard females acquire currency" google it for more information.

    Trust me this is the best advise you will ever hear…finding a good woman is like looking for a diamond in an elephant's ass!

    Don't get hooked,tricked, lied to just to get you to be a Daddy or a schmuk husband, then they own half or more of whatever you worked and sweated hard for and probably some of your future earning ala Paul McCarteney and thousands of more dumb stupid men chasing the smelly gash!. How many times do you hear a woman getting screwed in an divorce? Not many right!

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