Christie gay therapy scandal grows as NJ gov. now says he doesn’t believe in it

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Chris Christie

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie came out Thursday saying he didn’t believe therapy could make a person heterosexual — just a day after he said he didn’t know enough about gay conversion therapy to form an opinion.

“Governor Christie does not believe in conversion therapy,” spokesman Kevin Roberts said in a statement, according to “There is no mistaking his point of view on this when you look at his own prior statements where he makes clear that people’s sexual orientation is determined at birth.”

The statement comes 24 hours after the governor couldn’t comment on whether he would support a bill that was approved by an N.J. Senate panel outlawing the practice.  “I’m of two minds just on this stuff in general,” adding that while there may be an exception, he didn’t want to back a bill that would “restrict parents’ ability to make decisions on how to care for their children . . .”

NJ Sen. Barbara Buono (Dem.) blasted Christie for not supporting the bill, calling his ambivalence on the topic, “disgusting” and adding that “His intolerance has no place in our state,” Buono said to CNN, adding later: “The governor said he doesn’t know much about gay conversion therapy. But I don’t know how much more you need to know.”

When asked on the Piers Morgan show if he thought homosexuality was a sin, Christie paused before saying, “Well my religion says it’s a sin, but I’ve always believed that people are born with the disposition to be gay.”  He added that while he didn’t think gay people were sinners, he wouldn’t go as far as supporting gay marriage.  “I think a marriage is an institution between one man and one woman, I think it’s special and unique in society.”


  • Betty

    Next there will be therapy to change blued eyed people to brown eyed because they are more excepted by the majority. More Christian foolishness.

  • Robert Jackson

    He said he wasn't sure, then he asked some people, learned something, and figured it out. Only rightwingnuts concerned only with ideology, never letting facts get in the way, could argue with such a sensible and straightforward approach,

  • Jim O'Connelly

    Some years ago, the debate was about homosexuals having or not rights to express themselves freely. Now, it appears as if they would like to ban any opinion or expression of heterosexuals. They want to force all of "the others" think and act in the same way they do. I don't understand how they conceive freedom of expression.

    • Rob

      This isn't about an expression of heterosexuals its a ploy to try and "convert" a child into not being gay because these parents care more about their religion or what others think than they do about their own childrens health and happiness!

      • Phil

        Don't you think it's possible that the parents trying to convert the child actually care about the child? As long as the child feels loved, that's the main thing. I think everyone has at least one story about their parents meddling in their lives in ways they didn't like at the time. Still, most of the time it was because the parents genuinely cared about their kids.


    No one Embryo bears the innate insignia of being [GAY]. When person-hood begins at insemination the male-parents [Geneos] determining sex of the child "glides" it along the path to it's (9) month gestation.
    What most likely inherit as a "predisposition" is the use of [Alcohol], which in later years, will bear the
    fruit of sexual impurity, and deviation to experiment. Goes as well with Girls.

  • Gabrielle

    Therapy to change sexual preference would imply that a heterosexual person could then be turned into a gay person. Isn't this the heart of the fear around this subject? Ridiculous that civilized people still take issue with what other people do in the bedroom, whom they love, skin color, religious preferences and so on.

  • Billy

    So he thinks we are born this way, yet only st8 people can get married, since the ones that voted him in want it that way. Very sad. He should do his job better!!

  • Mike

    Soooo sick of hearing about sexual preference. Who cares….whatever makes you happy! Just don't shove it in my face, whether you're hetero or gay.

  • JTR

    "Conversion Therapy" is preying on fear. It preys on prejudice and it has been the basis of numerous suicides. Prior to "conversion therapy" the model was shock therapy and before that, religious fanatics just burned gays at the stake. Sooo sick of hearing you f****ing opinions about morality and sin: Fundamentalist Protestant Christians do not belong in America anymore, you stand in the way of freedom, and as a Vet I am sick of you.

  • LRS

    Recommend a (RIGHTWING ANTI-GAY RELIGIOUS ZEALOT) conversion therapy. Am absolutey
    certain that if there is a 'doctor' who can cure being gay, then there is a doctor out there who can "cure" these people.

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