Is Matt Lauer getting fired? Larry Mendte has some advice for him

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  • lisa

    Don't blame Anne. Matt Lauer did this to himself. If you were a loyal viewer you would know that Matt was rude to Anne for months before she left. He did not try to work with her at all and he deserves everything he gets. I don't understand why NBC is waiting so long to get rid of him. He is clearly the most hated man on TV.

    • hotsumi

      I agree dont blame Ann, Ann was warm and caring to the Viewers… Ann was cold at the Olympics.towards Matt, Im sure Matt had something to do with having Ann cover less at the Olympics and instead Nbc and Matt wanted Savannah to cover the Olympics so viewers can get use to her and it did not work to me it was complete failure… Two months before she was fired for not having the chemistry with Matt and sittilng next to him must have been most difficult for Ann… Ann was clearly the scapegoat by Matt and NBC for declining Viewers and the answer to the network was remove Ann instead of revamping the show … I think Matt is geting too old for the viewers and out of touch…He needs to go … He might have great at one time but nolonger he has the qualification to sit on NBC Today Show, Viewers speaks …

  • Jen

    Matt Laurer has no connection with Americans! He comes across as being manipulative & cunning! If u ask me NBC got this wrong big time! He needs to leave

  • EiLEEN

    I stopped watching the "Today Show" because of Matt Lauer. He attitude is obnoxious and extremely unprofessional. Hey Matt when NBC Today Show hands you your walking papers. Don't let the door hit you on the way out!

  • Rebecca Silber

    Matt Laur is a terrible newscaster with a MAJOR chip in his shoulder!! Ann curry was soooooo much more of a "class" act!!!!!

  • Ann Mathews

    Ann Curry did not come across as a national broadcaster at all. Her voice did not carry or was not clear or crisp in the microphone; Her posture was horrible, always leaning toward the audience instead of sitting upright with a sense of control and power. She subjugated too much. She is great with presenting the emotional, personal story but not at national news. Matt did not know how to play off of that. Historically, he has been better with women who are lighter, more playful: i.e. Couric and Vierra. Matt doesn't know how to be the straight guy with a serious woman. If he ends up on a game show it will be a lesson on the balance between one who is in control and one who engages and entertains.

  • Immaxx

    What is taking NBC News SO long to get rid of Lauer? He comes across as SO arrogant! He seems to think that he is 'the cake' when really he is a sad, little slice. When can I congratulate NBC for yanking him? He's a joke….a game show will love him!

  • Carol P

    I must say I have been faithful to the Today Show for many years, and I just loved M. Viera, and A. Curry, and they are both so sadly missed. I would not miss M. Lauer. What is NBC waiting for?????

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