Bodega owners fed up with Bloomberg’s health policies

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Bodega owners in the city are concerned about what Mayor Bloomberg could have in store as part of his public-health crusade.

First, soda. Then, cigarettes. What next?

Fernando Mateo of the Bodega Association said: “We are convenience stores, we sell chips, soda, snacks, cigarettes and more. If Bloomberg continues to find an issue with what we sell then we might as well close down stores.”

The Mayor’s ban on large soft drinks was overturned by a judge. However if the bodega owners are forced to change what they sell, then 14,000 stores across the city and its employees will be affected.

Mateo wants to invite the mayor to come and meet with the store owners to come up with a compromise.


  • Jaime

    Hiding things won't change anything.. people go to convenience stores for the things the specifically need.

  • Janet

    Wht about ice cream, cakes, and oh my goodness, are the bakeries going to put up paper on their front windows, we can't have all that stuff be seen. What will happen to the poor dum, stupid people that can't think, what will become of us. I can't do anything without gloomberg.

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