Two fires in two days hit Manhattan building

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Two fires in two days hit the same building in lower Manhattan.

The FDNY was investigating the fires at 140 Fulton St. as suspicious Monday morning.

According to fire officials, the first fire started Sunday shortly before 7 a.m. and rose to 4 alarms. The fire was brought under control a few hours later and the FDNY stayed on the scene through out the day. The windows were boarded up and the FDNY confirmed the fire was out.

But then early Monday there were flames again. Thick black smoke billowed from the top of the five-story commercial building.

“We came back this morning at 2 o’clock in the morning and the third, fourth, and fifth floors were full of fire,” said FDNY Deputy Assistant Chief Jack Mooney. “We put an awful lot of water on it right now. It’s an outside operation. Due to the age of the building and the amount of damage from the earlier fire, the amount water that’s in there, it’s too dangerous for the firefighters to be in there.”

Monday’s fire rose to 3 alarms with about 130 firefighters on the scene. By the time the fire was under control there was a partial roof collapse, said the FDNY.

According to Chief Mooney, no firefighters were injured Monday morning and one firefighter suffered a minor burn on Sunday.

Fire marshals are investigating whether one or both fires were intentionally set.

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