More protests planned as mother of teen killed by NYPD pleads for justice

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  • truth

    When you pull a gun at a police officer, don't expect a cop to fire once.
    They want to be able to go back home to their families.
    This was not over-kill for this wanna be little gangster.
    If you fire at a cop be fully warned, they will unload on your a**.
    It doesn't matter if your black, white, hispanic or any other creed; don't pull a gun on a cop.
    When will these kids ever learn??????????????

  • Mike

    I'm sad, but not outraged that a 16 year-old was killed after pointing a gun at police. What I'm outraged about is …….
    1) a sixteen year old would be carrying a gun
    2) a teen would have such disregard for life that he would point a deadly weapon at ANYONE
    3) a 16 year-old would already have a criminal history at such a young age
    4) a parent would find it ok to let their teen "hang out" at 11pm when that child had school the next day
    5) anyone who would use anger at the police or anyone else to justify committing acts of destruction against community businesses

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