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New NYC subway service disruptions

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Stand clear of the closing doors.

Expect Delays.

Brace yourself.

A recent disbursement of federal funds meant to clean up from Superstorm Sandy and to prepare for the next one means the MTA has to complete certain projects withing a certain amount of time.

$2 billion has already been earmarked for the MTA. It comes with some strings. The work has to be done within 24 months.

What will that mean for riders?

You know PIX11’s Greg Mocker went to MTA Headquarters for the most recent board meeting and asked during the “Question and Answer” session for the media.

Mocker at MTA meeting

At the end of the board meetings, which are now held every other month, there is a question and answer session for the media.


  • Gwen b

    I like pix 11 it also keep you up with a lot of important things I the show everyday you guys keep up the good work also. I liked the show with MR Trump and his daughter also I am interested in real estate. I am also glad we got our new pope. I am keeping with the comments everyday and am learning a lot about how it's done you to president Obama.

    • truth

      Gwen, please learn to write clearly.
      This story is about the crappy mta, why would you mention trump and his daughter, real estate, the pope and the president?
      Your brain is all over the place.

      • Gwen

        Because it was topics that they talked about I just mentioned each one in a paragraph something that was discuss that day. Maybe you need to go back and read what I said. Oh I lefted out a word I meant I watch the show everyday. Gwen

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