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Brooklyn vigil for slain teen killed by NYPD snowballs into full blown riot

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A candle light vigil turned violent Monday night in East Flatbush, Brooklyn. Dozens gathered to remember 16-year-old Kimani Gray. NYPD officers shot and killed the teen late Saturday night.

What started as a march, soon turned into a riot. Video posted on Youtube from OccupyBloomberg’s Ustream showed angry people screaming at the NYPD. According to reports from the scene, people vandalized property, looted and threw bottles at police. The NYPD said one person was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Overnight and into early Tuesday morning, police barricaded Snyder Avenue in front of the 67th precinct in East Flatbush. Police still wearing helmets, guarded the block.

“Tonight, we saw an explosion of anger from the youth in my community. We have talked about this anger for years, but still the resources have not come to address it,” said Brooklyn Councilman Jumaane Williams in a press release following the riot.

“We have talked about the corrosive relationship between our community and the NYPD, but still the Mayor and the Commissioner have failed to address the root causes of this tension. Tonight, we saw that tension turn in a destructive manner.  I cannot and will not condone the damage caused to property or to person.”

According to police, Kimani Gray had a .38 caliber Rohm’s Industry revolver and he allegedly pointed it at the plain clothes officers Saturday night when they approached a group on East 52nd street in East Flatbush. The officers fired their weapons and the teenager was pronounced dead at Kings County Hospital. The gun was found at the scene, said the NYPD.



  • isis

    He did not point the gun> The police officers are pathetic. You hire people to serve the community based on a test????

  • Unknown

    If someone pointed a gun at you im sure you will shoot as well. Us balck people do stupied things like Why would you have a gun on you as a 16year old and then why point it at cops sms

  • trina

    it doesnt matter if he had a gun or not if its pointed at the cops they shoud have taken him down by wounding his leg not killing the lil boy – what is this world coming to then you have these people saying what ever on here just so the cops wont look bad fck that they suppose to be out here helping the teens and kids but instead theyre killing them are you fcking serious

    • Concerned father.

      I gotta say something to this….with all the training in the world, and given the best case scenario, neither you, nor anyone else would act any differently to this individual the way that officer(s) did. The young man was clearly a threat to not only those officers, but to the very area he was inhabiting at that time. HE HAD A GUN, and at 16 years of age, there is absolutely no reason to carry a weapon unless you are planning to use it. He paid the price for his actions, and now we must continue to educate those who may be making that very same mistake this young man did. If you cannot see any understanding by this manner, change the view for a second…if a 15 year old, scared individual were to point a gun at you, and you took an oath to protect and serve all individuals of your community, and your loved one just happen to show up at that very moment, seeing you in danger now tries to come to your aid, and they do not have the training you do as a police officer, would your choice be any different that the officers that made their decision that night? Think about it…they have lives to protect, and families to go home to as well at the end of their shifts.

    • Michael

      Very serious. Cops are not taught to wound. Its called shoot to kill. Its a police term. If it comes to that, its a done deal. Thats why you dont point a gun at the cops. Period. Get it???

      • mookiiee

        He Had Some Issues I can admit to that but kimani was lost and confused to were he stand . He Was Starting to come to school . And Trying To be a good person . So Yess i dont care about his records in my eyes he was a good person !! i dont give a damn about his records !

  • livebythesworddiebythesword

    That gun must have fell from the gun tree…rioting over the police shooting someone who pulled a gun on them, SMH..they should put a huge chain link fence around Brooklyn and let them police themselves

  • Mike

    Dude is 16 yo, and has an extensive record already…..only the people there can know for sure what happened, but I can tell you this, a 16 yo kid shouldn't have a record, period!

  • brooklynbornnraised

    Before any one can say it was a lie or the truth please make sure you were a witness. No one will ever believe the things that some of our friends do. If he pointed the gun or not why would he have one? Some good people do stupid things…

  • Unknown

    I miss my big cousin KiKi man , i cant even cry anymore. Save a spot up there for me man. Only if i was in brooklyn and could rewind time :(. I LOVE YOU KIMANI :*

  • Michael

    Play the role, you pay. Simple. No tears shed. Also, its funny. I dont think 99% of those people even knew why they were even rioting. It just seemed like the thing to do for the moment….which is why the police come…..which is why people get shot. Just sayin.

  • Milla

    Umm first and foremost for every one that wasnt there and is fooled by wat da police has to say about kiikii take it from an eye wittness HE DID NOT POINT A GUN…. So wat if he had a dame rap sheet does his rap sheet says he killed any cops??listen at the end of da day NOOO one is perfect we all has our flaws… Were not only marching for kiikii were marching cause that police station has a bad rap of messing with the young guys in the neighborhood… Now of days u cant walk with ur hands in ur pocket wit out the police assuming u have a gun u no like how dey assume that kiikii had a gun personly if the cops didnt feel dey did any thing wrong WHY DID DEY DRIVE OFF after the CRIME…

  • Milla

    Im sure every up here that has something bad to say are cops so yea i expect for yall to bad talk him but juss know wat goes around comes around anit no one safe on the streets it cud have been one of ur own kids

  • celkJ

    Is any person on this forum able to type English? Reading over this nonsense, i would be assume that most of the troglodytes commenting here never made it out of high school.

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