NYC soda ban goes into place in less than 24 hours

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If you like to supersize your soda or get an extra large jolt of sweet morning joe, you will soon be out of luck in New York City.

“We’re not banning anything. It’s called portion control,” said Mayor Michael Bloomberg on CBS’s Face the Nation Sunday.

Beginning Tuesday, restaurants will no longer be allowed to sell sugary drinks in cups larger than 16-ounces.

“Being overweight is the first time it’s gone from a rich person’s disease to a poor person’s disease,” said Bloomberg. “We’ve just got to do something. And all we’re doing in New York is reminding you that it’s not in your interest to have too many empty calories.”

Not every New Yorker is on board. “That should be everybody’s choice, but if you want it you will find a way to get it,”  said Mc Donald’s customer Sandra Brown.

There is a legal challenge to the new ban that is pending in State Supreme Court. And there is a 3 month grace period before the 200 dollar penalty will be slapped on businesses that don’t comply.

Some coffee chains are finding a way around the big sugary drink ban. Customers will be asked to add their own sugar to large coffees. Dunkin’ Donuts even has a flier with instructions. And Starbucks said it won’t comply, noting most of its drinks are customized.

Diet soda and non-sugary drinks are exempt from the ban. One thing that is angering the restaurant and beverage industry, the lack of consistency with the ban. For example, you will still be able to buy a Big Gulp from 7-Eleven. That’s because the state regulates the convince store and it is considered a market.


  • Bonn

    Im soh glad i hav a guvirnment two mayk deesishions four me, bcuz wifout tha guvirnment i wood not no how to mak them miself. thank yu guvirnment.

  • Greg

    Someone needs to sue the Mayor, City and Government. This can not be legal. I am so glad, I finally moved out of NJ, ( NYC little sister ) and found solice in a state, that is still a part of the old USA. Everyone down here ( Kentucky) laughs at NYC, and the entire Marxist North East. Bloomingturd needs to be knocked down a peg or two as he has the Obama Syndrome ( Dictator)

  • Mike

    I expect this idiot's next mandate will do something like reducing the size of toilet tissue wipes to save "the forest"! Will that too be called "portion control"?

    I think this tooter wears hot pink underwear. He's not quite viral, more like sterile! He'll probably become a Hollywood idol! Oh, give me some more KoolAid Ollie!

  • Guest

    There is absolutely no reason that any human being needs more than 16 ozs of soda in one sitting, you don't even really need that much in a week much less in one day. When your poor health and obesity costs us billions as a country we should step in and make some changes that hopefully help us all in the long run.

  • Kevin S.Butler

    This is simply another form of Prohibition..Prohibition..which forbid people to drink or to brew and distill liquir didn't work..because drinking booze is an addiction and People simply went out and illegally brewed their own booze..or they bought it out of the country(EG Canada)..until Probition was shown to be a failure and by the 1930's..the law was repealed.This will not work..People will either make their own soft drinks with those Sodamaster gimmicks..or they'll buy it elsewhere.'re an idiot!

  • Proby

    WHAT A F'n JOKE bloomberg is…..F'n RICH, Get what I want or I'll CRY , IDIOT!!
    I'll be making a run into NYC with a truck FULL of Big Gulp Cups…..Stop me at the boarder , if ya can…..OH>…The SMUGGLERS BLUES

  • Scared Stiff

    These people get paid the big bucks for makings these laws. What a joke. Next it will be how many times a day we are allowed to take a crap. God bless us all.

  • Douglas Bagwell

    I am losing faith in America. We used to be able to make decisions now we are to shut up and listen to what we are told. This is America, the land of the free. This is America, the land WE all fight for. THIS IS AMERICA, WE THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE AND BY THE PEOPLE! WE CAN IGNORE IT ALL IN PROTEST, THEY CAN’T JUST FINE EVERYBODY, IGNORE THE BAN!

  • Wes

    What a fascist move. I do ten of thousands of dollars in NYC, slowly I have been moving ops out of town for this reason. I clients that meet me from all over the world and NYC used to be the place to be. No longer. Mike has shown that the U.S. is a perfect breeding ground for fascism. Congrats Mr. Mayor, you are costing your people jobs while incurring sentiments of regret, distaste, and resentment.
    God bless America!

  • TerryH

    Restaurants depend on beverage sales for their profits. They all need to get together and put pressure on removing this ban. This guy had no right to control our lives like that. They can and should hit him hard with their opposition.

  • johnny

    Can you imagine sitting in jail because you are a repeat offender. What are you in for? lol. I mean, if I'm sitting in my home, and they see a 2 liter, does that mean they can break my door down?

  • Guest

    If you not being able to sit down and drink more than 16 ozs of soda gets you up in arms like this, i'd like to see how you respond to more important issues that actually matters.. You've got to realize that YOU DO NOT NEED 16 ozs of soda in a DAY MUCH LESS IN ONE SITTING. Soda is poison. Keep drinking em up keep enjoying diabetes and obesity. Fat ignorant fucks.

    There is absolutely no reason that any human being needs more than 16 ozs of soda in one sitting, you don't even really need that much in a week much less in one day. When your poor health and obesity costs us billions as a country we should step in and make some changes that hopefully help us all in the long run.

  • McIvers

    replace sugary drinks with high capacity magazine and you will get the same argument. Bloomberg's delusional policies. In the end, all this is the persons choice. No one has the right to tell how much to drink

  • mike

    its not that soda is good or bad for u it is about choice i think that people should be able to decide if they want to drink or not whats next are they going to tell vegeterians they cant eat vegies or meat eaters they cant eat meat come on people its about freedom of choice and i dont want to lose that do you

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