Battle over outdoor seating, West Villiage

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There are many quaint little areas in the West Village that have certain charm to them.

“Reminds me of Paris,” one passerby said.

And the beauty can be seen in the French inspired out-door cafes.

“You can see the city walk around you and just enjoy yourself,” one lunchgoer said.

But enjoy yourself, at what cost?
According to Community Board Two, which oversees everything from Canal to 14th street, other restaurants in the area are loosing money to those who provide this outdoor charm by putting seating on the public sidewalk.

“These cafes are operating without paying licensing fees to the city and have been doing so for many years,” the Chair of sidewalks and public facilities for the Community Board told us today.

And with over 230 legal sidewalk cafes in Board 2’s area, there are several restaurants centered around W4th street that are not legal.

The board is working to push the city harder on making the restaurant business fare for all those involved.