MTA announces early return date for 1 train service

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1 Train Flooding South Ferry

The South Ferry subway station was flooded with salty, corrosive water during Sandy.

A retired South Ferry subway station — is being dusted off a long time ahead of schedule.

The number 1 train service will be back in service the first week of April, according to the MTA.  It was originally predicted that the station would have to be completely re-hauled — at a cost of $600 million over three years.

Instead, the city found an alternate route.  The 1 train will run through an old station next door that closed in 2009.

The return of the 1 train will ease the commute in Southern Manhattan for thousands.

Flood waters from Sandy destroyed the new Ferry Terminal  Station itself that cost the city ; the MTA estimates it’ll take at least two more years to restore.