80 percent of NYC high school grads can’t read: study

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A disturbing report about New York City high school graduates claims they can’t read.

According to the report, nearly 80 percent of graduates need to re-learn basic skills like reading, writing and math before they can enter the city university’s community college system.

This comes despite the state having raised the requirements to graduate from high school in each of the past five years.


  • truth

    I don't think it's disturbing to see that the students today can't read in NY.
    Have you ever heard them talking to each other on the streets or on the train?
    The majority of the high school students are not so bright.
    Let's face it, the parents are not doing their job in raising their children.
    The scary thing is, these students who can't read will probably help run this country.
    I can see now the U.S. is definitely going down the toilet.

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