Bloomberg wants young people to turn down volume on earphones in latest health crusade

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Here’s a shocker: Mayor Michael Bloomberg has some thoughts on your health.

This time, he wants young people to turn down the volume on their music players.

Mayor Bloomberg says city children are over-coddled

Mayor Bloomberg to New York: Turn it down!

The New York Post reports that the health-crusading mayor is about to launch a $250,000 Hearing Loss Prevention Media Campaign to warn young people about hearing damage caused by listening to music on personal MP3 players at a high volume. The campaign is being funded through a grant from The Fund for Public Health, the Health Department’s fundraising arm.

Bloomberg — who has already cracked down on super-sized sugary drinks, smoking in bars and noise levels at construction sites and nightclubs — hopes to target teens and young adults through Facebook, Twitter and focus group interviews.


  • Jim Meakim

    Wow! Bloomie has become a Crotchety old man! Next he'll want all the young in's to pull their pants up!!

  • Jay

    What's next Mr Mayor? Are you gonna dictate what type of toilet tissue I should be using? Hmmmm. Scott or Angel soft. Give it up already you miserable dictator.

  • Robert

    Encouraging people to avoid permanent damage to their hearing by raising awareness of the danger isn't remotely dictatorial or a reduction in your freedom.

    The Mayor has simply raised awareness of a fast growing health problem in the United States.

    To quote from one of the articles I've linked below: "The proportion of teens in the United States with slight hearing loss has increased 30% in the last 15 years, and the number with mild or worse hearing loss has increased 77%, researchers said Tuesday." And that was of 2010.

    For more information:

  • Matt

    I agree, Mr. Mayor: let's talk about the health hazards of high decibels! Try this experiment: stand on a NYC subway platform and turn the music in your ear all the way up as a train goes by. Do you hear any music? No, it's completely drowned out by the train!

    Unlike most subways around the world, NYC's trains are deafening and the New York City commuter, going to work or school, is subjected to it twice daily for life, and can't do anything about it. 

    Mr. Bloomberg, you can! For half a century there have been-noise reducing wheels for subway trains. Just north and south of us, Boston and DC have had their subways down to safe decibel levels for decades.

    Why can't NYC? Simple: every penny the MTA gets goes to the unions, leaving nothing left over for such frivolous things as protecting the hearing of millions of people, including infants and children, who suffer permanent damage from the repeated exposure. You went after the NYC Board of Ed, but even the brief moments when you focused on fixing the subway system, Mr. Mayor, not once did you even mention reducing subway noise.

    But now that you're finally on this subject, please do something about public offender #1: you.

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