Angry teacher calls students ‘idiots’ in threatening chalkboard message

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Some parents and students in Indiana want a junior high school teacher fired after he wrote a shocking message on a chalkboard to his class.

Students who arrived to the teacher`s class last Friday saw this message:

“Period 6 only: You are idiots, the guns are loaded, care to try me?”

The teacher was suspended two hours after a student posted a picture of the note on Facebook.

Parents sounded off at a meeting to discuss the incident.

The school’s superintendent says the teacher admitted to writing the note in response to something a substitute teacher told him.

No word on whether the teacher will face charges.


  • tom

    this is what happens when good people trying to make a difference have had enuff let the kids teach them selves let the parents teach them instead of sending them to schools and using the place as day care the teachers don't have any voice any more its the parents who have taken this away so let them deal with it

  • Lisa

    Speaking as a former educator who knows what REALLY goes on in secondary classrooms, I empathize; but DON'T leave proof!! He/She should have gone to a dean or whoever specializes in discipline.
    On a separate note, this could have ALL been avoided had the schools still used corporal punishment; these kids have NO fear and take FULL advantage!!

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