Real-life Batman hand-delivers robbery suspect to police station, takes off into night

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The Caped Crusader himself has apparently jumped out of the comic books and into real-life.

A man donning a Batman costume left local authorities in Northern England scratching their heads after he showed up to their police station to drop off a suspect wanted in a burglary.

The scene unraveled inside local police headquarters in the city of Bradford. Surveillance footage captured the real-life superhero handing over a man who was due in court after being charged with handling stolen goods.

After passing him off to officers, a lot like the real Batman, the comic fanatic reportedly disappeared into the night.

A spokesman for the police department even released a statement, confirming the bizarre incident.

“The person who brought the wanted man into the station was dressed in a full batman outfit. His identity, however, remains unknown,” a West Yorkshire Police spokesman said in a statement.

By the looks of the surveillance photos, it also appears that the Dark Knight has let himself go, sporting a plump mid-section.

Although thankful, cops are still trying to figure out who that guy was.