Nurse refuses to give CPR during troubling 911 call [AUDIO]

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A 911 dispatcher pleads, demands, even begs a nurse to perform CPR on an unconscious woman in California — or to at least find somebody else who would.

Nobody ever did help that 87-year-old woman in Bakersfield — until the ambulance arrived, but by then,  it was too late.

The 911 in the video above is creating a firestorm of controversy.

The woman collapsed at a retirement home last Tuesday, and you can hear the nurse on the 911 call refuse to perform CPR.

According to the director of the home, it is the policy that staff does not attempt CPR.

He said the policy is in place because it’s not a nursing facility, but an independent living home.  Residents are made aware of this when they move in.

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  • Stephsabo

    I think that nurse is a giant pile of :poop: why would you even have a nurse working there??? Evil really! No heart , even if she lost her job there is no reason she could not have saved her or tried! The ems even said they would take full responsibility .

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