Disturbing new ad campaign targets teen pregnancy

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  • Dee

    That rubs me raw because I gave birth at 16 in 1986 and my son graduated high school. I don't believe the statement is truth.

  • Grant

    I can't say I totally agree with the ad; but I can understand the need to say something about teen pregnancy. Not all teens are ready to be a parent when they find themselves in that situation. The roll of child to adult-parent needs to be revisited. The structures of our schools; allowing children aged 5 – 18 years old to attend school together, and providing children aged 10 years old and up unsupervised medical treatment and sexual advice, is crossing the rolls. The legal rights of any parent should allow you to know what is going on with your child. If an adolescent child can make life decisions, such as having sex or having a baby; then that same young person should be held responsible for their own actions. Stop looking to their parents or let our children be children!

  • Mike

    Not too concerned if it rubs people the wrong way. Hopefully since it makes people uncomfortable, it will have a positive effect. To many babies having babies. If kids are going to have sex, they need to not take it so lightly. Use a condom.

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