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Inmate sneaks back into jail; security breach raises safety concerns

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RIKERS ISLAND (PIX11)– Concern is growing over the security, or lack thereof, on Rikers Island.

A former inmate somehow managed to get past security checkpoints, gain access into the building and even speak to some inmates.

He posed as a corrections officer using a fake shield and ID card.

The 36-year-old convicted sex offender did this not once, but several times in one week.

The security breach poses a bigger question, could weapons slip through the cracks and make their way into jails?

According to Norman Seabrook, the President of the New York City Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association, the lack of security is a direct result of spending cuts made by the Department of Corrections.

Seabrook says he has never seen a breach this bad during his time with COBA.

He mostly blames the mayor and his lack of concern of safety of inmates as well as New Yorkers as a whole.


  • civilman

    the bottom line is the commissioner didn't let this guy in. a uniformed correction officer let this man in. he did so because of certain policies that have been established within the department. policies that allow investigators carte blanch entry into Correction facilities. At fault here is Lax security by uniform staff and poor security policies installed by the commissioner, board of correction and the security chief

  • tjones

    ………the rich get richer and the poor get poorer…… they cut back funding they are filling up their own pocketbooks. These folks don't frequent the golden arches on a daily bases, why would they even care?
    (tsk, tsk) it's a sad day. Wake up people and quit buying into it. Take care of FAMILY first. That's what it's all about: FAMILY……

  • Chris

    You absolutely have to blame the commish and mayor. If a gym has a way to scan memberships, why is it so hard to get rikers the equipment it needs? A new ID card with a chip like other agency's I'm surprised it hasn't happened earlier. Rikers is behind the times!!

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