Florida sinkhole recovery effort ends; neighbors evacuated

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HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FLORIDA (PIX11)– A sinkhole that swallowed the bedroom of a Florida man, killing him, is growing and forcing more evacuations.

The sinkhole opened up late Thursday night sucking in Jeff Bush’s bedroom.

Rescue workers haven’t been able to go in and retrieve his body because the ground is too unstable.

The operation has been changed into to a demolition phase.

Now officials say the sinkhole is growing and threatening a neighboring home.

Hillsborough County is part of an area known as “sinkhole alley” that accounts for two-thirds of reported sinkholes in the state.



  • Gregorie Kalipersad

    I am so disappointed to learn that the search has stopped for this person!!! If it was the President of the USA…would the search and rescue team stop? I don’t think so. I guess this person is not important …..
    Lord Jesus Christ…. please help and heal the USA

  • Carmen Roberts

    I don't see how being important has to do with anything! Do you not understand the sinkhole is unstable? You willing to risk more lives just to rescue someone you don't even know is still alive? All we can do is pray…….for all effected.

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