School crossing guard suspended in 6-year-old boy’s tractor-trailer death

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A school crossing guard has been suspended after a six-year-old was hit and killed in East  Harlem.

The child,  Amar  Diarrassouba,  was walking to school with his older brother Thursday when he was hit by a truck that was trying to make a right turn.

Amar Diarrassouba

6-year-old East Harlem boy Amar Diarrassouba was struck and killed by tractor-trailer in East Harlem.

Flavia Roman is the crossing guard who should have been on duty at the time of the accident.  Roman says she left her post to use the bathroom at her home less than a block away.  Police believe she may have been running late for work.

It’s not clear if she will face charges. The district attorney’s office is investigating.


  • Nidia

    WHY IS THE CROSSING GUARD SUSPENDED? THE MOTHER ALLOWED A SIX YEAR OLD CHILD TO WALK TO SCHOOL ALONE!!!!! Your kids are your responsibility not that of the crossing guards. Give the woman her job back and arrest the mother for endangerment and manslaughter! She let him go alone not the crossing guard! This is insane to me!

    • hamed

      what are you talkin about thats my aunt he was with his older brother that fuckin security guard is the one to blame i hope she rots in hell !!!

  • Anna

    I am a crossing guard, and I feel bad; but that's why they have a crossing guard to see and cross children if unattended or escorted. You cannot step away—especially during school crossing hours, you have to do whatever it takes in your power to take your bathroom break before getting on your post, and hold your bladder if neccessary during children school crossing hours until the street clears and then you can relieve yourself; it only takes one split second for things to happen; and we don't get paid a lot for suspension; I don't know what is going to happen with the School Crossing Guard; but whatever happens will affect my fellow coworker SCGs and me. It's true if one of the kids get hit; we get blamed; and my coworker and I be telling this all the time to the running kids crossing erratically during lunch break all the time; and some of the parents too, they too tend to do the same thing with strollers dodging traffic with children alongside when they are running late; and we have to deal with them and cross them.

  • Moses

    Where was the his brother? He just left him alone with the assumption that someone would be there. Sorry for the lost however it's just a horrible accident.

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