Joan Rivers unapologetic about Holocaust, Adele fat jokes

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Joan Rivers who has made a career of making fun of celebrities, says she’s not sorry for recent jabs at singer Adele and the Holocaust.

While appearing on Late Night with David Letterman this week, the comedieanne drew boos from the crowd after she attacked the Grammy Award winner for her weight.

“What is her song, ‘Rolling in the Deep’? she asked.  “She should add — ‘fried chicken.'”

Then, later in the week, she drew more criticism after making a crude reference to the Holocaust during a taping of E!’s Fashion Police when she was complimenting super model and German-American Heidi Klum on her Oscar dress.

“The last time a German looked this hot was when they were pushing Jews into the ovens,” she quipped.

Both remarks made headlines but it did not fazed Rivers.

The legendary comic appeared on the PIX Morning News Friday where she explained, it was simply a joke.

“People got angry about me calling Adele fat, but she is chubby, come on it’s okay,” Rivers said. “The only book she reads cover to cover is the menu.”

Although the Anti-Defamation League is urging the comic to apologize for the Holocaust jab, Adele nor Heidi Klum did not respond to the controversy.

Watch Joan’s full interview on the PIX Morning News below:




  • Just like it is

    Joan Rivers is disgusting for her comments and further more she is no longer funny she’s dried up..go and knit or something you dried up bag.

  • Ruth Ann Lewis

    I agree!! She looks like a dead mummy thats been gang banged by a box of crayolas lol! Making your living being mean and viscious is shallow and hollow, She is a human vulture smh!

  • brooke

    She's desperate to say something shocking so people will pay attention to her. It is quite pathetic. Heidi and Adele are both beautiful women with too much class to give her vulgar comments any consideration. Just let her flame out…again.

  • jgen

    I used to think Joan Rivers was just ugly on the outside. I now know she is even uglier as a human on the inside. Maybe she needs a little plastic surgery on her ugly dried up heart. Adele is a thousand times more beautiful than she will ever be. If E! thinks this kind of insulting crap is funny they can think again. I will never ever watch anything from them or Joan Rivers again! Crawl back into that ugly ass horse's butt you came out of Joan Rivers. If I never see or hear anything from your saggy plastic fake ass self I will only be too happy.

  • Gino

    What , no comments about the bad spelling and grammar in the above article? Someone needs to go back to school. It's spelled comedienne; "Both" and "headlines" take a plural pronoun, not "it." "It did not fazed"?? Please say faze. Don't use "Nor" unless you have "Neither." Neither Adele nor Heidi responded, etc

  • Maurice Maazel

    It was in horrible taste to joke about Jews in ovens, and is not only offensive to Jews – of which I'm one – but also offensive to Ms. Klum and Germans in general, who had nothing to do with the Nazis. Adele is beautiful, sings great, but, let's face it, obesity is self-inflicted and unnecessary, especially for one in the public eye. Eat right, be healthy, live long.

  • Raz

    Why not make fun of fat people? I'm fat and I wouldn't for one second expect someone to NOT make fun of my poor choices.

    • MLP

      Its is okay if being FAT is what you are about. Then go ahead make fun of yourself and let others taunt you until you have no self worth. That is your choice. But Adele iis obviously not you so lay off.

  • rosemary1

    please all stop this nonsnse Adele is wonderful and is not annoyed Joan is doing what she does best being funny thats her job at least she is not bulluing like you lot ….and she constantly pokes gun at herself i think she is fab

  • Frances Gasparotto

    That is Joan Rivers all over. She makes jokes @ other people's expense and not her own. I am glad Adam Hills got stuck in to her. It is about time someone put this old fossil in her place – down under!

  • Joan is a witch

    People are fat for all sorts of reasons – diet, genetics, metabolism, medical conditions such as hypothyroidism. Saying things like "the only book she reads cover to cover is a menu" is flat-out insulting for multiple reasons. First of all, she may eat a normal healthy diet. Secondly, fat = / = stupid or uninformed.

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