How were 24 massive solar panels stolen in public place in Brooklyn park? GOOD question

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The most perplexing question is how did nobody notice this theft?

Solar panels were placed right on top of the storage container in Brooklyn Bridge Park without any obstructions in the way so they could take in plenty of light from the sun. So whomever stole the panels did so out in the open where anyone could have easily seen.

Twenty-four solar panels and 30 batteries weighing about 100 pounds each, that’s what the CEO of Beautiful Earth Group says someone stole from Brooklyn Bridge Park.

“I’m mean this is New York City and people do bad things all the time but I mean honestly it’s just unbelievable,” said Danielle Betancourt of Brooklyn Heights.

Brooklyn Bridge Park solar panels

Twenty-four Solar panels and 30 batteries weighing about 100 pounds each, that’s what the CEO of Beautiful Earth Group says someone stole from Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Officials reported the missing equipment back on Feb. 19 as they were getting ready to move the equipment and education center.

What makes it worse is that Beautiful Earth Group donated all of the materials, worth about 100-thousand dollars, and installed it for free.  Brooklyn Bridge Park officials had been using the electricity, which could power a small home, to charge its fleet of electric vehicles.

In a statement a spokesperson for the park told us:

“The donation of the solar charging station from Beautiful Earth not only benefited park operations, but it also allowed us to offer quality environmental education programming to park visitors. We are saddened by the situation and hope to continue to work with Beautiful Earth in the future.”

The CEO for Beautiful Earth Group tells us he believes the thief has to be a motivated professional because not only were the solar panels 16 feet above ground, but he says the system was also live, which means the their could have been electrocuted if he didn’t know what he was doing.”

“I don’t know if they just want them for themselves or they’re against going green but it’s just disappointing,” said parkgoer Amy Speck.

Now the CEO for Beautiful Earth Group says it took weeks for crews to install the system. ¬†And even though it wouldn’t have taken as long to remove the person or people still would have need several hours and a ladder and truck to move all of the equipment that was stolen.


  • Spencer

    Sounds very much like an inside job given the size and weight of the items stolen and the proxsimity of high rise appartment buildings in the downtown Brooklyn area.

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