Walmart employee hit with felony for stealing Oreo cookies

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Oreo Stealer

63-year-old Walmart employee Penny Winters was fired and charged with a felony for stealing Oreo cookies.

A 63-year-old Walmart employee in Indiana has been fired and charged with a felony for stealing some Oreos.

Not just some, but a lot of Oreos — for years.

Penny Winters is her name, and she worked for the company for 8 years making $11.40 an hour.

She was caught on surveillance camera eating a pack of Oreos that she allegedly hadn’t paid for.


After the company interrogated her, Penny cracked.  She admitted to stealing a package of Oreos once, sometimes twice a week for the past 5 years.

Do the math, that’s at least $1,000 in cookies.

Winters told police that she simply couldn’t afford to pay for her favorite snack.

If convicted, this grandmother could face jail time.


    • Soluming

      how would u feel if you couldnt afford anything…ever. just seriously think about it, you cant have cookies, soda, milk, NOTHING because you can't afford it…you cant go out, all your life would be is going to work, and coming home and sitting doing nothing or sleeping, and having to watch everyone around you shopping and buying and spending and spending…I don't blame her one bit

      • mark

        You make the life you have. If you think its ok then let all of them come to your house and you can make sure that they have money to go buy all the goodies you think is required to live life. I have been in that position. Not a good feeling. Thats why I got off my lazy ass and did something with my life.

  • Sanford L

    Any supermarket that sells guns and worse ammunition in a nation that provides the opportunity to graduate from any multiple of about a zillion colleges and universities should be filled with oreo thieves

    • Don

      Agreed by at wal and watch your local small business close 1 by one the avaerage pay rate on your population drop year after year wal mart puts 0 money back in they simply suck all they money out like leeches o wait leeches do some good

  • Christina

    This is ridiculous. She was fired and a felony, there are far worse criminals in this world and Walmart is really worried about someone who took Oreo cookies. This is a joke “why are you in for” ” eating Oreo cookies without buying them”. They need to find something better to do.

  • Sam

    From all of the comments, everyone is against punishing tnhis lady, but she did take the cookies over a 5yr period which adds up over time. Doesn't make it right to steal.

    • Soluming

      Walmart is stealing the souls of all its employees slowly over time…they are taking everything away from their associates in order to make bigger paychecks at the top of the chain. Taking food from the mouths of associates and their children so that the guys upstairs can buy their new ferrari is NOT RIGHT…WALMART is not right…given any chance I get I'll steal whatever I can from them to try and help even the score for all those they take advantage of.

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