Hair dyes linked to cancer, ‘green’ chemicals firm claims

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The company Green Chemicals says salon and at-home hair dyes that millions of people use contain chemicals linked to cancer.

Green Chemicals says the secondary amines in permanent dyes can penetrate the skin and stay on the hair for months or even years, and it can react with tobacco smoke and other pollutants in the air to form a powerful cancer-causing compound called nitrosamines.

It’s not clear how big of a risk this could be and the cosmetics industry strongly disputes the claim.

In the past, hair dye has been linked to breast, bladder, ovarian and brain cancers.

Green Chemicals is planning to launch a “safe” line of products soon.


  • truth

    Can Dr. Steve ever talk about anything positive?
    His stories are always negative.
    I'm wondering how many other people stopped listening to him.
    Dr. Steve, please tell us something good.

  • Sally Holmes

    My name is mrs Sally Holmes. I am a diabetic & a cancer patient. I have been to 5 hospitals. I go for 1 thing & the E.R. drs find another. I went for low sugars the last time. They came up with other conditions & need a blood tranfusions. My masectamy was done 3 years ago on left side . They are-not to use the left arm to draw blood 3 of 5 hospitals have drawn blood from left arm. Now my left arm is swollen like a baloon. One hospital said I have a heart condition. another add on was low blood pressure. Another said I have kidney problems. It cause me to stay in each hospital 7 to 10 days. I have a bad case of diareha for more than a year After Admitting me to hospitals they find diffrent things to keep me in hospital. Is this a money thing ? or really taking care of patients & prescribing medications like Metformin Causing my sugars to go down often. I stopped using Metformin & my sugars are in the low 100s to middle 100s. What is going on ?

  • Jeff @ Disinfectant

    I swear that it seems like everything is linked to cancer anymore. Even some so called green chemicals are being called cancerous. Should we revert back to the stone age, or just live in denial?

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