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Fate of poor dog left chained in the cold is a mystery amid outcry to help German Shepherd

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

It was a despicable sight — a  German Shepherd chained to a railing in a trash-filled yard out in the freezing cold.

Amirah Williams tells us the dog had been living in the deplorable conditions for months, even during Hurricane Sandy.

On Wednesday,  Newark Animal Control went out to the house on Telford Street and fined the owner, but had to leave the dog behind.

“First thing is to make contact, then after that we are going to see if she want’s to release the dog over to us,” the

aa tied to railing in freezing, trash-filled yard

Heartbreaking neglect: This German Shepherd was left tied to railing in freezing, trash-filled yard.

animal-control worker said.

“I had to go through such dramatic measures just to get this little bit of help,” Williams said.

After our story aired we received a number of phone calls, tweets, and e-mails from our viewers in support of the pup.  More than one person even volunteered to adopt the abused animal.

So Thursday, we went back to check on the dog to make sure it wasn’t still left out there in the cold. But when we got there, the dog was nowhere to be found.

“Hopefully that dog is really getting the help that it needs and we don’t have to call you guys again.”

So we called Animal Control again to find out what happened to our four-legged friend, but this time they referred us to the mayor’s office.

We called Mayor Coey Booker’s office several times, and even went to City Hall. People in Booker’s office said they were aware of the issue, but no one could tell us what happened to the dog. We got a phone call later saying they would update us shortly on the poor pooch’s fate.

Now Williams is worried that it won’t be long before the German Shepherd is back outside chained to the railing.

She’s also concerned the living conditions on the inside might not be any better.

“Is she really going to help that dog, now?  Did you just take him in just to get you guys to back up?”


  • Cecil J.

    Waiting for an update on our furry friend. Many thanks to the concerned neighbor reported this and that PIX11 investigated/follow-up. I pray that the dog is ok and not with the owner who could care less about the dog's well-being. These type of people are so despicable.

  • Susan

    Please Please Please remove that sweet animal from that hell hole. If they left him outside all this time with no regard for his health and well being, they are not going to care for him now. Just like an abused child is removed from the home, the same should apply for abused animals. I will keep checking the news for an update,

  • Arlene

    What is wrong with the system???? The poor helpless animal is inhumanely treated for MONTHS before anyone says or does something???? Complete BS. I pray some kind human took this dog and is giving it the proper care! Shame on the so called owner and the system!

  • Alice

    Somebody call the ASPCA. They will help! St. Huberts is a dog sanctuary in Madison, NJ. They will provide assistance. This animal needs to be removed from this owner. WPIX please follow up on this story!!

    • Jess

      The ASPCA was notified, they can't remove the dog without the owner's consent immediately. They have to document the neglect/abuse over time. It's crap, but it's the way the system works.

  • Tammy

    They could be abusing this dog inside if they left him outside like they did someone needs to rescue this poor animal from that home

  • melija

    how damn ridiculous that u cant even depend on law for help . bullshit i live in upstate ny and here u would never ever get away with this , that dog would of been gone and in custody and more than likely adopted out . im sorry animal control just went there to say they went . wow holy crap

  • Susan

    Is there anything we can do or some place we can call to try to find out how this poor dog is? I can't believe WPIX hasn't followed through on this, I am so worried about this poor animal.

  • Tracey Lambert

    PIX – Thank you for caring and for this follow up. But since we still do not know what happend PLEASE follow up again. This dog will be neglected by this person(s) and suffer whether inside or out until removed from their (lack of) care.

  • maria

    pix 11 we do thank you for the followup but this story will not be complete till we find out this baby is safe, these people do not deserve own the precious dog, they are neglectful owners and obviously only took the dog somewhere because they knew they were caught, who knows what abuse they could be doing to this dog BEHIND closed doors, PLZ do the right thing and make sure these evil people are taken into custody and plz give this dog to people who want to adopt and give the doggie a loving home, we will NOT let go of this story until the right thing is DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jessica

    Any updates?! I saw something today about this poor dog on the Facebook page of Associated Humane Popcorn Park. It looks like as of yesterday, he was still there and still outside!! I know that the ASPCA has to document abuse and/or neglect before they can remove an animal from a home without the owner's consent. However, seems to mee that a week outside without food, water, or shelter should be documentation enough. Why is this dog still there?!?!

  • conon

    how damn ridiculous that u cant even depend on law for help . bullshit i live in upstate ny and here u would never ever get away with this , that dog would of been gone and in custody and more than likely adopted out . im sorry animal control just went there to say they went . wow holy crap

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