Girl catches fire at hospital in freak hand sanitizer accident

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A horrible story in Oregon, where an 11-year-old cancer survivor was severely burned in her hospital bed, and hand sanitizer may have played a role.

The theory is that the hand sanitizer Ireland Lane used to wipe down a table on her bed was ignited by static electricity on her shirt.

She was lying in the hospital bed with a head injury when all of a sudden she caught fire, and ran into the hallway screaming.

Her father was sleeping next to her bed, and woke up when he heard his little girl.

The freak accident managed to burn 12-percent of her body. Lane was immediately transferred to a burn center for treatment.

She’s already had one skin graft and will need more, her family said.

The saddest part is that Ireland was supposed to go home the day this happened.

She remains in the hospital, and will get a second skin graft Thursday, which is her 12th birthday.

The little girl is known to be a fighter as she has been beating kidney cancer since 2007.

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