The making of a bully: Adults encourage young girls to fight in disgusting YouTube video

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A YouTube video in which adults repeatedly push two young girls until they physically attack each other is raising disturbing questions about neglect, bullying, bad role modeling.

The clip features a bully in action – the little girl in the white jacket — being encouraged by someone who’s older, and off camera to start a fight with the other little girl she’s facing in the black jacket.

Both girls can’t be much older than nine or 10 years old.

They’re babies pitted against each other like prize fighters, or pit bulls in what is believed to be a New York City park.

The little girl in the black jacket can clearly be heard saying, “I’M NOT HITTING YOU”.

She does not want to fight, but has little choice thanks to the adults who leave few options.  A full-on fight breaks out amidst the cheers of a misguided crowd.


Perhaps most disturbing about this story – child welfare officials have been unable to do anything about it.

A spokesman for the city’s Administration for Children’s Services tells Pix11,

“We took a look at the video. We were surprised and very much disturbed by what we saw. But it’s impossible to tell if the people egging on the two young girls are teenagers or adults, where the incident happened – or when. Without someone calling in to report this incident, we have nothing to go on, no names, no addresses – and unfortunately, no report that we are able to investigate.”

If you recognize either of the those two little girls, or recognize any of the older girls voices – pick up the phone and call the NY state child abuse and maltreatment hotline. That number to the statewide central register: 800-342-3720.

RAW VIDEO [Warning: disturbing images, profanity]


  • Jriver

    Wow that's a hush comment. Ouch!
    I am laughing cause " the faces of the two girls were blurred " but a raw video was posted under thumbs up news 11!
    Sadly, kids this days are being raised to be little monsters as a child. I remember when this 7 or 8 years old African American kid slapped a white lady on her face as she read the news paper. The lady started to cry and nobody could do anything cause he was an African American and it could become an racial issue. Please this kids don't need child services. Clearly they are the once encouraging kids to become lost with their no spence laws. They need a kick in the ass for discipline.

      • psychology major

        It's sad that while your bashing black people you don't recognize that the thing you say is actually what you teach your own kids and if you don't have kids God bless your family and friends kids because racism is teaching them to be just like the adults in the video……

  • blkmn

    What a proud race….acting like little monkeys and the adults just being what they know these people are not proud black people they're niggers

  • Dewayne

    if you spank your kids the child wellfare will be all over you, but on video they cant do anything, what a next to worthless goverment we have. Its sad we live in this country with a bunch of idiots that would do this to innocent children.

  • louis

    Bad example for any kid to learn especially in this manor . Imagine when they grow up … then what killing , stabbing , going off to jail cause their parents couldn't teach them better . So sad for the future .

  • blueyz

    my daughter is 1/2 black and 1/2 white and it dont got nothing to do with race it has to do with being a good role model. if you want your kids to learn how to protect themselfs that what karate is for plus they learn respect and disapline. we need to teach our kids right n wrong not just wrong

  • Shawn

    Wow this is just sad! and how race comes up is just crazy to me every time I see Honey Boo Boo i'm not bashing white people and there are just as any white kids on you tube fighting but it all always has to be a black /white thing how about we all need to take part in making this younger generation better people like wtf!!!!!!!!

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